MARC Pretends To Care About Local Opinion On Transit Spending

The website makes the pitch for more transit spending . . . There's also survey . . . Here's more info for subscribers but the construction projects are mostly decided by people who don't care about local voter opinion.

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MARC seeks input on $14.2B Connected KC 2050 transportation plan - Kansas City Business Journal

Though many Kansas City-area residents temporarily have cut back on travel, the Mid-America Regional Council still is seeking their feedback as it hones its 30-year vision for transportation in the region.


  1. Mid America Retarded Council

  2. There is zero reason that a car or a semi that is driving through KC to go near downtown or even use 435. How do you reconfigure highways and interstates at regional level so the loop or 435 are not the the quick & convenient bypasses of the metro in a FIFTY YEAR plan.

    Other than that MARC has a disturbing tendency to release nonsensical reports with virtually incomprehensible snippets all over the place, lil red snippet of a line here, few blue lines there, complied by an small army of consultants with no clear idea of a substantial, clear objective, in fifty years.

  3. 'Environmental Justice' has a whole new meaning created.

    Where is the expanded section/talk on the freight zones?

  4. "Students from the Truman Heartland Community Foundation Youth Advisory Council shared their thoughts on what transportation might look like in the year 2050. "
    REALLY fucking helpful.

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