Friday, May 29, 2020

Local Coronavirus Forgiveness Concludes And BPU Disconnect Restart

A glimpse at future tough times following recent efforts allow unpaid bills to slide during the pandemic . . . Read more:

BPU to resume disconnects for unpaid utilities

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Board of Public Utilities will resume disconnects for unpaid utilities on Monday. The company had suspended disconnects for both residential and business customers in March due to financial hardships placed on customers by COVID-19.


Anonymous said...

But, but, but, I thought the suspension was permanent?? That Tara chick told me I would never have to pay rent or utilities again and I could eat for free at the community kitchen..

Anonymous said...

Thought I heard AOC say everything should be free.
People would have an option to work.
$600 a week forever.
Re-elect AOC. So no one ever has to work again... ever!
Free houses to all!
Free cars of their choice.
Not enough money? Go print your own!
Licenses to print money! Free credit cards!
Become an instant Millionaire!
No taxes. Taxes are for little people... sorry Leona.
Just go get what you want.! Free!
Bite for AOC! She cares to make free everything! Free!

Anonymous said...

BPU is fucked up. Smh. They are disconnecting lights and water and that is not right to have all utilities cut off because of a utility monopoly.

Anonymous said...

"I thought that I didn't have to pay anymore.....for anything."
"That's what Don Lemon said."