Saturday, May 30, 2020

Last Missouri Abortion Clinic Stays Winning

A story of survival that's anything but . . . Here's the roundup:

Missouri's Only Clinic That Provides Abortions Allowed To Remain Open

Planned Parenthood scored a victory in Missouri on Friday in a ruling that allowed the state's only abortion provider to keep its doors open. In a 97-page decision, a state administrative commission said the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services wrongfully denied the reproductive health organization a license renewal for a St.


Anonymous said...

There would be alot more women seeking abortions - but guess what - they were aborted by their own mothers 20 to 35 years ago! Its proven that abortions actually prevent future abortions (in some family lines).

There would be alot more women holding protest signs for abortion rights - saying "its a woman's choice". But guess what - they dont exist as they were aborted 40 to 20 years age by their Mom's.

Anonymous said...

+ 1000

Anonymous said...


They kill 'em, and taxpayers pay for it.

What's the difference between Planned Parenthood and a military mercenary?

The mercenary respects innocent non-combatants.