Wednesday, May 27, 2020

KCK Triple Shooting Aftermath: High School Student Dies From Injuries

Residents in Argentine talk about ending the uptick in violence, here's the latest on the tragic toll that a recent spike in gunfire is taking in this community . . . Checkit:

J.C. Harmon senior killed in triple shooting early Sunday

A teenager who died in a triple shooting Sunday in Kansas City, Kansas, was a student at J.C. Harmon High School.Police said Rey Villalobos died Sunday after being shot in the 1200 block of Argentine Boulevard. Two other victims suffered minor injuries.The school's principal sent a note to parents and students."18-year-old Rey Villalobos was a senior here at J.C.


Anonymous said...

Revenge killings will keep the area jumping well into the next school year. Bang, bang

Groota Thundercunt said...

Those poor Negroes could really use an art studio in that neighborhood.