Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Kansas Unemployment Website Suffers Ongoing EPIC FAIL Amid Coronavirus

Outcry and local agony are reaching crisis proportions in Kansas as promises of assistance simply can't reach the public because of faulty Internets systems.

Make no mistake:


These aren't folks looking for a free ride, most of them have never been on unemployment in their lives yet still paid into the system year after year.

Here's more on the ongoing story that offers a reality check about the payments to locals that simply haven't arrived for far too many people:

Kansas unemployment woes continue: Some still waiting for help weeks later

LENEXA, Kan. - Nearly two months into the coronavirus crisis, some Kansans are still waiting for an unemployment check. While the Lenexa company where Barbara Cooney has worked is still up in running, some of the office employees, like her, are currently laid off. "My other co-workers got sent home to work from home.


Anonymous said...

Don’t think for a minute this so called failed system wasn’t intentional. States are hoping people give up or return to work.

Anonymous said...

Well look who Kansas voted in? Tell that Kelly and her director to labor to get off her ass and do something about it. Second option is to show up on their door step and bombard their house and that goes for Sharice Davids too. What is that lazy bitch doing?? Tell her to get on the phone if she's smart enough to use one. Make them feed the people. They seem to help the illegals very well now don't they? Again what are they doing for you???? NOTHING!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Helping illegals? As always, the ones to blame for somebody else’s shortcomings.

Anonymous said...

9:17 Does it hurt to be that dumb? I saw the head of IT for the unemployment department on the news a few weeks ago. In her words she said that "Kansas' mainframe literally hasn't been updated in 40 years." You know who has been running Kansas for all of those 40 years? Republicans. Yeah, there have been some Democrat governors sprinkled in but they don't control the state budget. The Kansas Legislature does and Republicans have controlled that every single day over the last 40 years. No governor gets to just set their budget and decide where money goes by themselves without legislative approval. The failure of the unemployment system in Kansas is 100% on Republicans. What they've done is on purpose. They believe in "starving the beast." Hell, Brownback, Arthur Laffer, and Kansas Republicans bragged about it. I guarantee you couldn't pass a high school civics test.

Anonymous said...

6:54 fucking nailed it. The system is old AF and has never been dealt with. It's the same old story, Republicans make messes (ie Bush recession, and Trump) and Democrats have to clean them up.

I guaranfuckingtee that Kansas will put money towards this and Republicans will point to it and call it frivolous spending. And dumb fucking rubes will eat that catnip right up. It's as predictable as the sun rising in the East.

Anonymous said...

Head of Kansas IT blaming others for her incompetence. Not surprising.

Anonymous said...

Saw same interview and IT Director is an idiot.

Microsot Excel and / or Acces is so robust these daya they could have input the data in one of these software databases and created an interface upload into their legacy system. Companies have been doing that for 20+ years.

Of course that would take creative thought which government workers lack.

The only thing government workers know for sure is the number of years, months and days until their sweetheart pension plan kicks in at age 52. Other than that they play Candy Crush all day or call in sick.

Anonymous said...

Missouri its been 6 weeks too