Monday, May 04, 2020

Kansas Still Basically Closed Until May 18th

More deets from Guv Kelly one the lockdown that's keeping pretty much everything worthwhile closed for most of the month . . . Read more:

Kansas takes first step toward reopening its economy

TOPEKA, KS (AP) - Shuttered retailers, dine-in restaurants and offices in some parts of Kansas are reopening Monday as Gov. Laura Kelly gradually begins lifting the state's stay-at-home order amid the coronavirus outbreak. Social distancing still must be observed, and masks are strongly encouraged under the first reopening phase.


Anonymous said...

This shutdown for the most part is bullshit, Hospitals were never overwhelmed with infected patients. The majority of infections were in small concentrated areas. Quarantine the sick not the healthy. Even the CDC revised their death toll to just over 37,000. That's well below the amount of deaths caused by Influenza.

Anonymous said...

Keep her as Gov. and you will be lucky if Kansas doesn't close forever.

Anonymous said...

All Granny wants to do is make sure that the abortion mills keep running at full steam. She loves killing those babies.
She owes it to Moloch.

Harold Eugene Johnson said...

How long will it take elected women to destroy America?