Saturday, May 23, 2020

Kansas Republican Senate Contenders Argue Desperately For MAGA Street Cred

All of these politicos are desperately looking for the same kind of right-wing love that powers the Prez and the only thing that will save Kansas from a HISTORIC flip that many progressives predict.


The Kansas Republican Senate Candidates Debated Over Who's Best To Work With Trump

MANHATTAN, Kansas - The Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate agreed in a live-streamed Saturday morning debate that they want to do all they can for the president and his policies. They differed mostly on who among them could offer President Donald Trump the strongest ally on Capitol Hill and on who had the best chance to beat a Democrat to get there.


Anonymous said...

Bunch of dumb ass cult members in that picture.

Anonymous said...

^^^^@ 6:37

Cult members really???? Kinda like your democrat leaders who supported and held fund raisers for Jim Jones?? Your truly are a half-wit.

Anonymous said...

The Obama-Biden administration was the most corrupt administration in American history -- during and after they left office. What they've done to try to destroy the Trump administration is the most shameful period in political history.

Anonymous said...

Kansas needs Kris! The voter fraud white whale is still out there!

And Bob Hamilton? With his rep, grab your wallets.