Saturday, May 09, 2020

Kansas Repeats $600 Promise

Locals and DESPERATE to see this money that is one of the most persistent myths of the Coronavirus lockdown. Here's more insight into payment.

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Kansas begins processing retroactive $600 unemployment payments; state receives early childhood education grant

Story updated at 3:55 p.m. Friday The state of Kansas has started processing retroactive claims for an additional $600 in weekly unemployment insurance, Gov. Laura Kelly said Friday as the national unemployment rate surged to a level not seen since the Great Depression. Processing for those claims began Wednesday, Kelly said during a regularly scheduled [...]


Anonymous said...

She's producing more disorder in the foundering system every time she opens her mouth.

Anonymous said...

She’s a well meaning old bag, just incompetent and from a dysfunctional political party.

Anonymous said...

This is a perfect example why you don't sit around and wait for help from tje government. People could have easily gone out and earned $600 by now. Deliver some pizza's for goodness sake!

Anonymous said...


She is not a well meaning old bag.
She is a controlling evil old bag.
She is very competent as a dictator.
Wait until "Open up Kansas" starts dealing with the chickenshit legislature on May 21.

Kansas Scout said...

If her name was trump the democrats hair would be on fire and total hysteria would break out in the media. The TP KC Star would lose it's mind. The hypocrisy is amazing and disgusting. She's not going to be reelected thank God!

Colonel Angus said...

Is that Colonel Sanders standing in the background ?