Friday, May 08, 2020

Kansas GOP Honcho State Senator Jim Denning Calls It Quits Amid GOP Infighting

Blaming the Democrats is a solid move but his parting shot says more about the battle among Kansas Republicans who are quickly losing control of all the state's population centers and letting historic Red State control slip out of their fingers . . . Also, losing an EPIC lawsuit didn't help.

Here's the best roundup so far:

Denning won't seek re-election, complains of 'hyper partisan gamesmanship'

Senate Majority Leader Jim Denning, an underdog despite being the incumbent in a suburban Kansas City district that has shifted left, announced Friday he won't seek re-election to the Legislature.The Overland Park Republican hoped to bolster his re-election campaign by forging a deal with Gov.


Anonymous said...

Johnson county has shifted, the rest of the state hasn’t. Johnson county will pay for their mistakes that’s a given.

Anonymous said...

if any layman has an opportunity to observe some of today's discussions even at the local government level, it can be disconcerting.

the broad national consensus undergirding american democracy seems to be fracturing.

Mo Rage said...


Here's hoping they all eat each other alive.

Anonymous said...

Good time to start over.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for admitting Trump and Trumpets are vindictive little bitches.

Anonymous said...

Adios you fucking scumbag Deplorable turd. Same goes for your Deplorable supporters. Hurry up and die from Covid-19.

Anonymous said...

He tried to make peace with Satan and is getting what he deserves.

Time for JoCo to do some house cleaning and expel the crackpot Democrats along with their RINOS whores.