Saturday, May 23, 2020

Kansas City Weekly Power Rankings: Return Of 'King James' Amid Reopen Money Debate

Once again hottie Kim Kardashian "broke the Internets" as our fellow geeks love to say . . . This time with home workout inspiration under lockdown.

Inspired by her dedication to fitness, we continue along our blog journey and offer a glimpse at the TOP RANKING KANSAS CITY power players this week . . .

Former KCMO Mayor Sly Stays Winning Federal Stimulus Power Move

Former Kansas City Mayor Sly James is now at the epicenter of a desperate fight for "Cares Act" cash at 12th & Oak. KCMO still struggles to garner funding from the Courthouse as a newly formed committee now adds another layer of intrigue. Many elected officials on the Jackson County Legislature question Sly's return to power and current Mayor Quinton Lucas will be forced to work with his old rival courtesy of Exec Frank White who set up this grudge match that is destined to end in gridlock.

Rent Strike Scores Victory

KC Tenants have rallied against the upcoming wave of evictions and sparked an ongoing renter's rights movement throughout the metro. This week they pushed Mayor & Council to approve more resources in order to advocate against landlords.

Anchorman Rallies For Reopen

Via social media, Fox4 morning anchor Mark Alford has been one of the very few local media personalities questioning the coronavirus narrative. He has picked up even more fans as he voices many questions from lockdown opponents and serves as an integral component of the Kansas City discourse regarding the sordid topic. 

As always . . .

This list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people, trends and our times.


Anonymous said...

Sly should have stayed home.

Anonymous said...

And Sly James, now far too fat to chase ambulances, forces his corrupt carcass into the conversation again.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago there was an industry adage regarding news personalities. "If the news is about you, it really isn't news." Same goes here. News people think they are something when, in reality, they are nothing but talking heads. Information is almost always fed to or censored by someone else.

Stop thinking you are that important, news people. You are not. Report the news. Quit trying to make it all about yourself. It's disingenuous.

Anonymous said...

Quinton Lucas won the battle but will not win the war. Too damn funny.

Anonymous said...

In the valley of the blind the one-eyed man is king.
And KCMO is still waiting for him to show up!
What an endless joke!

Anonymous said...

And just who pays the landlords mortgage when people don't pay rent? Sorry but this won't fly. Everyone has had a hard time but you CAN'T with hold or NOT pay rent!

Anonymous said...

Mark Alford cannot do his job. He cannot read and stumbles over every word on the teleprompter. Plus, it's obvious he's in the Fat Don cult.