Saturday, May 23, 2020

Kansas City Walkabout Social Distancing Alternatives Revealed

Somewhat useful guide for locals who can navigate these places off the beaten path without getting mugged or worse . . . Read more:

Social distancing-friendly parks and trails in KC for when your usual is overrun with people

If you've been following social distancing recommendations for the past few months, you're likely pretty stir-crazy by now. Warm, sunny summer days don't do anything to help. That means it's time to get outside. But if you've been near any of Kansas City's most popular parks of late, you've likely noticed you're not alone in the desire to get outside.


Anonymous said...

The cocksucking in the parks has really picked up since COVID.
Something good had to come from it.

Anonymous said...

Taking a "walk in the park" has always been code for looking for a quick pickup. Coronavirus isn't going to change that.