Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Kansas City Urban Planner Activists Undertake Massive Effort To Shut Down Streets After Coronavirus Lockdown

The pandemic and youngsters are the pretense for the move but limiting auto traffic and forcing the use of public transit across Kansas City has been a longstanding goal of amateur urban planners in KCMO.

Here's the latest promotion of their agenda that has confronted little to no real resistance from neither the mayor not the council.

Take a peek:

With Some Help from Spin, Better Block, KCMO Opens Its Neighborhood Streets to People

Shortly after Kansas City issued its stay-at-home order in late March, the City Council began exploring ways to create more open space in order to allow people to get exercise while still practicing safe physical distancing. That's when the City decided to look to its most abundant open space resource: city streets.


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Because public transit is not one of the primary means of spreading disease. These leftists are trying to kill us all.

Anonymous said...

^^with any luck, they'll get you! You serve no purpose here. Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

This is a good idea, but the signs at 79th & Brookside Road (between Warnall and Main) are on 79th and cause a great deal of confusion.