Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Kansas City Tuesday News Peek

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Kansas City COVID Jobs Hiring

700 jobs coming to Kansas City metro as 2 companies grow with pandemic

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Two companies are hiring for hundreds of positions as the coronavirus pandemic pushes for increases in health care and medical equipment. First, Kansas City-based Spring Venture Group, a tech-driven insurance company, plans to hire 400 employees during the next three months, the Kansas City Business Journal reported.

Keep Cowtown Pipes Clean

KC Water urges businesses to flush water lines as they reopen

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Some businesses have been sitting vacant for several weeks now, which could cause issues, especially for the water system. It's one of the reasons KC Water wants businesses to flush their water lines as they reopen.

Power Play Payout

Evergy pledges millions in COVID-19 battle

Electric utility company Evergy is pledging $2.2 million to local relief efforts in the battle against COVID 19. The company says it's the largest focused charitable commitment they've ever made. "We know our communities and customers are dealing with nearly unprecedented uncertainties due to this virus," said Terry Bassham, Evergy President and CEO in a press release.

Downtown Demolition Starts

Historic Board of Education Building is Being Demolished

Demolition of the historic former Board of Education building at 1211 McGee is expected to begin soon, although its owner remains open to finding a new home for the colorful mosaic murals adorning it by the late Arthur Kraft.

Kansas City Entrepeneur Shares Pandemic Pep Talk

Mogul of motivation: Paul Long channels hustle into finding what's good amid COVID-19

“I’m not scared at all about the future. Specifically because I know I’m throwing good energy into the universe without the expectation that it’s going to come back to me,” said Long, a Kansas City-based author, podcast host, public speaker, and founder and CEO of Fundamism — a corporate culture consultancy that’s built around the fundamentals of a fun and optimistic lifestyle.

Corona Killed Retail

Pier 1 Imports to close all 540 stores after 58 years

Pier 1 Imports is calling it quits. The bankrupt home-goods retailer has asked a court for permission to liquidate its remaining 540 stores once they reopen after coronavirus-driven lockdowns, ending a 58-year legacy of selling glassware, wicker furniture and other home decor.

Prez Trump Continues War Of Words With Speaker Pelosi

Trump rips Pelosi as 'a sick woman' over obesity jab, claims unproven coronavirus drug gives him 'safety'

President Trump bashed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday as "a sick woman" with "mental health problems" after she suggested he should think twice about taking hydroxychloroquine since he's "morbidly obese" and could suffer serious side effects from the unproven coronavirus drug.

COVID Numbers Game Cont'd

Florida's scientist was fired for refusing to 'manipulate' COVID-19 data

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - The scientist who created Florida's COVID-19 data portal wasn't just removed from her position on May 5, she was fired on Monday by the Department of Health, she said, for refusing to manipulate data.

Corona Save The Planet???

Lockdowns trigger dramatic fall in global carbon emissions

Carbon dioxide emissions have fallen dramatically since lockdowns were imposed around the world due to the coronavirus crisis, research has shown. Daily emissions of the greenhouse gas plunged 17% by early April compared with 2019 levels, according to the first definitive study of global carbon output this year.

Kansas Phase II Starts Friday

Kansas Rolls Back More Restrictions, But The Pool Won't Be Open For Memorial Day

TOPEKA, Kansas - Starting Friday, Kansans can gather in slightly larger groups, take in a movie, go to an art museum and bowl a few frames. But concerts, festivals, summer camps and parades will remain shut down. And you still won't be able to get a drink at a bar.

Show-Me Hollywood Message To Grads With No Jobs Waiting

Brad Pitt sends message to Missouri State University graduates

Missouri State University SOURCE: Missouri State University Missouri State University graduates received a special shout out from Springfield native Brad Pitt.Missouri State University President Clif Smart showed off the surprise on Twitter."Hi everyone. Brad here from quarantine with a shout out to the graduating class of Missouri State University. Yeah!

Fanboys Enjoy Football Dynasty Double Talk

Arrowheadlines: The Chiefs are in a strong position to repeat

Chiefs: Can K.C. become first the back-to-back champ since the 2003-2004 New England Patriots? | CBS Sports The Chiefs defense should be improved under another year with Steve Spagnuolo. It's a unit that allowed just 10.4 points in the final five regular season contests last year and 51 points in the final 10 quarters of the postseason.

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Anonymous said...

Trump always loses when he fights with Pelosi. He's taking his chances with even more negative public opinion.

Anonymous said...

Trump is right again, peelousy is sick and has mental problems hell, it’s even affecting her speech, she stammers and stutters and repeats herself constantly, probably dementia kicking in, maybe she can self diagnose herself since she’s claiming to be a doctor. She’s telling everybody she can that Hydroxychloroquine will kill you if you so much as look at it. She wants people to die instead of taking a prescribed drug from a doctor just because Trump said it could work and is working. #taketheredpill

Anonymous said...

Did you all see my high-tech video ? I even opened the windows to my living room to show Americans I am not afraid of the outside as long as I am inside.

Gotta go. Sister-wife is putting new tennis balls on my walker so I don't scratch her hardwood floors! and its......drum-roll please.....butterscotch pudding night!! My favorite, except when I get pudding on my tie.

Sleepy Joe Biden

Anonymous said...

You're delusional 4:17. Better get back on your meds. You can wash them down with some of your demented orange leader's clorox kool-aid.

Anonymous said...

Fat Trump should not be giving any medical testimonials.

Anonymous said...

It's 5 o'clock somewhere, Deplorable MAGATS. Time for your evening Lysol huffing treatment.

Anonymous said...

4:30 PM, Trump is not just fat. He's morbidly obese. President Tweety is a gluttonous pig with the IQ of a maggot. His followers mirror his intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Has Mexico paid for the wall yet?

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden wears flannel pajamas and a thong.

Anonymous said...

"Trump rips Pelosi as 'a sick woman' over obesity jab, claims unproven coronavirus drug gives him 'safety'"

That was not a jab. It was a valid observation, and 4:34, stop insulting maggots!

Anonymous said...

I’d screw that Lindsey gal real deep and hard.

Anonymous said...

^Ok, Boomer

Anonymous said...

5:12 at least Boomer screws women. You don’t, because you’re a faggot.

Anonymous said...

4:17 FTW!

Anonymous said...

And 5:47 FTW!

Anonymous said...