Sunday, May 24, 2020


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On this Memorial Day weekend, Republican Congressional Candidate, "Fightin' Clay", takes on the status quo in DC & KC

DC ...

Do voters want more attorneys and career politicians....or engineers who will help solve America's problems and then leave office?

Do voters want more campaigns that raise a lot of special interest money....or campaigns that just raise a lot of innovative ideas?

Do voters want far left and far right-leaning party candidates...or more moderate, independent-thinking and reasonable-minded candidates?

Do voters want candidates who refuse to take a stance on tough issues....or candidates who let voters know where they stand?

Do voters want a status quo party-oriented incumbent....or a citizen-oriented and status quo shaker (challenged KC's gov't for 29-years)?

Do voters want a new effective outsider....or a career politician deemed (in 2018) to be "one of the least effective members of Congress"?


Do voters want a Congressman to call out City Hall corruption and abuse of petitions...or an incumbent Democrat who has stood silent?

Do voters want a Congressman to fix KC and lower homicides...or an incumbent who hasn't figured it out despite 36-years in political office?

Do voters want a Congressman who supports KC's failed, expensive and fossil fuel-powered bus system and the City's slow (in traffic) obsolete streetcar system for tourists (incumbent got KC $20 million of pork for it) ...or a Congressman who proposes revitalizing KC around a new revolutionary green, citywide and rapid public transit system consisting of... ultra light rail, electric buses, central transportation hub at Union Station and a network of "Greenway" corridors (for transit / bike and pedestrian use only) to connect our City together?

* On this Memorial Day holiday weekend, do voters want the status quo in DC & KC to continue dragging down our Country and our City....or do voters support a new kind of candidate ("Fightin' Clay"), who vows to knock down the status quo with integrity, citizen-benefiting ideas and innovative leadership designed to move the United Stares and Kansas City forward?

Clay Chastain

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Anonymous said...

Clay is not serious. He won't even move here.

Anonymous said...

Maybe somebody can recommend a stool softener for "Fighting Clay", so he can go back to being the genial off-the-wall gadfly that he always has been.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't he run for office in Virginia?

Anonymous said...