Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Kansas City Tech Peacemakers Persist

Here's a long shot effort to reducing the quotient of violence within the community BUT a service that might find a niche given the rising quotient of domestic and personal drama that seems to be on the rise amid ongoing pandemic restrictions.

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With virus restrictions, one group still works to curb Kansas City's crime - virtually

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City saw a violent holiday weekend, with six shootings reported to police. During the pandemic, community organizations trying to curb crime have been forced to find new ways to operate. The Center for Conflict Resolution works with thousands of families a year.


Anonymous said...

Yeah this Karen is going to save the inner city !!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, old white liberal women will solve the young, violent, ghetto thug culture. jajajajaja

Wilbur Zittles said...

If only someone would create a coloring book in order to raise awareness !