Kansas City Suffers 'Communal Trauma' Claim Cowtown Headshrinkers

Treating mental health issues becomes more challenging for professionals amid increasing demand and continued local stress as the pandemic impact worsens . . . Here's how they're talking about clients and an uptick for their biz . . . Read more:

4 KC-Area Therapists Share How Teletherapy's Affected Them, And Their Clients

These days, mental health professionals in Kansas City find themselves virtually eye to eye with their clients. Since the coronavirus swept the globe and shut down cities in a matter of months, many in the mental health field say they now share experiences with their clients' "communal trauma."


Anonymous said…
YES! Social Security Disability claims for everybody - that is how we will fight the wutang, rebuild the country and get on with our lives. Compensable psych diagnoses for all.