Saturday, May 23, 2020

Kansas City Star Rolling With Democratic Party Caravan Protest Talking Points

Behind the paywall or for those who know how to properly navigate the Internets . . . Here's a polite protest from a political action committee that doesn't seem to resonate beyond a group of a few progressives . . . Sadly, the newspaper dedicates some serious resources to this effort that did't really strike a chord with locals today . . . Take a look:

Car caravan through KC demands Senate vote to allocate funds for safer 2020 elections

A caravan of decorated vehicles drove through Kansas City to demand that the Senate, specifically U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt, vote to allocate funds for better access to ballots and safer elections during the coronavirus pandemic.


Anonymous said...

And the whipsaw continues...

1) The Democrats in Congress did everything they could to put more recovery money in your pocket, and the Republicans blocked it - remember that when you vote.

2) The Democrats want to keep you safe when you vote, but the Republicans know that a large voter turnout (including mail-ins) means they lose more Offices.

What's a Rich Man's Flunky to do?

Anonymous said...

yaaawnn...KC Star pimpin' Demosleazeballs looking to scam the election.

Anonymous said...

This is so great! I have to say, the comedy routine is really coming along.

1) Excellent. As if the bill wasn't loaded with pork completely irrelevant to the crisis and cynically meant to buy the vote! So rich. 'Remember that when you vote!' Oh, the sanctimonious bullshit.

2) Even better. As if from the beginning the Democrats haven't shamefully played politics with people's fear and manipulated every step of the crisis to score politically! 'Keep you safe!' Oh, so good. Such fearmongering horseshit.

And the capper. Really a masterpiece. 'Rich Man's Flunky!' As if the Democrats weren't as bought and sold by corporate lobbies as Republicans! What a side-splitter.

Whew. Can you throw in some Russia stuff? I know it's old, but the classics still sell pretty well.

Good luck!;)

Anonymous said...

This is a real easy fix, especially for those frightened little pussy dimwits. Have the election over several days so the polls don’t get overloaded, they can have smaller numbers of machines to keep everybody separated. With more days to vote you can control the numbers of people. Don’t count the votes until everyone has had a chance to vote. Simple really.

Anonymous said...

No, if more people vote "conservatives" will loose.

Anonymous said...

There’s one thing the Republicans and Democrats can all agree on ... President Trump, please take more Hydrocloroquine. Lots more.

Anonymous said...

No, not really.

By the way, it has been proven to be an effective treatment in some cases. Holy fuck!