Monday, May 04, 2020

Kansas City Star On Hate Crime Cold Case

Questions about this one are nearly two years old and nobody really believed the official story . . . Here's the newspaper take for subscribers and more than enough deets from the link preview:

Hate crime or stray bullet? Kansas City man's death stirs fears in LGBTQ communities

Ta'Ron Carson knew how to apply makeup, so his expertly contoured jawline and highlighted cheekbones stood out as he twirled along the sidewalk on Main Street in Midtown Kansas City on a Saturday night. As usual, he was surrounded by friends.


Anonymous said...

Until it is confirmed that Ta'Ron for his sexuality, their is no story and no reason for the gay community to fear any more than they normally would. Creating a narrative based on speculation is not healthy to the truth.

Anonymous said...

Never underestimate a mentally ill person’s ability to convince another they need killin’.

Anonymous said...

What would Byron Do ? Weird

Anonymous said...

Dude looks like a lady with a mustash...ewwww