Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Kansas City Star Newsie WRONG On Cancelled Sunflower State GOP Convention

An important fact check from right-wing critics of the newspaper:

"Kansas delegates do not 'automatically' go to President Donald Trump; on May 16 the state convention will meet and vote, and that will determine to which candidate Kansas delegates will be bound."

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KC Star reporter perpetuates misleading attacks on Republicans - The Sentinel

Kansas City Star Washington D.C. Correspondent Bryan Lowry on Sunday sent out a in the aftermath of Joe Biden overwhelmingly winning the Kansas Democratic Primary, claiming the state Republican party canceled its caucus this year. But state GOP leaders say that's not true, and Lowry's action is just another of the Star's constant, misleading attacks on Republicans.


Anonymous said...

Can you trust the Star to report anything at all correctly. No.

Anonymous said...

I think most of the Star’s reporters are homosexuals. That would partially explain their incompetence.