Saturday, May 09, 2020

Kansas City Snitches On Coronavirus Violators Despite Violent Crime Silence

Community participation is up dramatically when it comes to NARCING ON LOCAL COVID-19 VIOLATIONS even if that same level of local buy-in doesn't help reduce local murder numbers.

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KCMO 311 responds to 1,000s of calls a day during pandemic

Kansas Citians are still calling about potholes and missed trash, but the call volume to 3-1-1 has increased by the thousands, mainly due to COVID 19. https://bit . ly/3dvn2sD


Anonymous said...

This is what they wanted you to do and all of you people who snitched fell for it. Grown up tattle tails now that's pathetic. When they force the NWO on you, all of you are ready aren't you.

Anonymous said...

Gladys Cravitz.
We've always had them. Always will.

Anonymous said...

Too bad some of the folks in the know never call in to share information about the latest homicides.

Anonymous said...

Karen Nation.