Friday, May 08, 2020

Kansas City Skimps On Barney Allis Plaza Parking Garage Repair

Update and lowered expectations inside the loop for this central piece of real estate . . . Link tease provides more than enough info despite the paywall. Checkit:

Kansas City will spend $1.5M to 'Band-Aid' Barney Allis garage, City Council decides

Kansas City will spend more than $1.5 million repairing downtown's Barney Allis parking garage after consultants found a "magnitude of code violations" and deemed the garage a safety threat. The garage is 65 years old, and city officials have been discussing for years how to replace it and the little-seen plaza atop it.


Anonymous said...

...but we want something new and shiny.

theshorelinecondo said...

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Anonymous said...

KCMO is broke. No options but short term options.

Anonymous said...

You mean to say that KCMO hasn't paid attention to one of its many many municipally-owned properties?
It would take a lot less time to make a list of any infrastructure the city HAS maintained.
How's the pot hole repair coming?
Any word on the downtown baseball stadium?

Hyperblogal said...

This reminds me of the leaking-pipe tour of KCI where the city showed maintenance issues that warranted a whole new building. First, let it rot, then propose something new and shiny. This has caught up with them now, i don't think they even have the 1.5 million.

Anonymous said...

KC MO doesn't have the $1.5 million. The revenue projections haven't changed from six months prior for March, April and May; with or without a pandemic the numbers were overly optimistic.