Sunday, May 10, 2020

Kansas City 'Sheep Attacks' Explained

This town's most prolific writer on faith an morals offers insight into rebellions among congregations that seem to be happening more often as the American culture war heats up during this election year.

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When Congregations Turn on Their Shepherds

His eyes grimace in anguish, the grief on his face as telling as his words: "I feel a very strong sense of betrayal and a real sense of pain."


Anonymous said...

Could it be that, in this modern age, folks are starting to "Think" rather than blindly believing. The pandemic is an example where ministers have to reach for ridiculous explanations as to why their gawd allows these things to happen. You know, "mysterious ways" and "gawds plan" etc. A great substitute for the religious myth remains "The Golden Rule". Treat others as you would be treated. No more quoting a bunch of guys who thought the Earth was flat, or the sun circled around the Earth.

Anonymous said...

Also could be that God has had a belly full of these "Evangelicals" re-writing his Scripture to suit their own prejudices and hatreds.

After all, Jim Bakker just had a stroke.

Anonymous said...

If You Satan worshipers would read the Bible to see what GOD is all about and you would have numerous answers as to why this is allowed by GOD, and don't mistake the difference between created vs allowed.
Remember this....Where you end up is by you're own choice not GOD'S. GOD gives you free will what to choose!

Anonymous said...

God gives you the free will to mince off to Hell.

Anonymous said...

Your Manichean view of the world is cute but getting old. Like a two year old having a tantrum gets old.

Anonymous said...

My father belonged to two of those mentioned denominations. Views change over time I guess, never asked him why he left both. One day while at a local hospital here he says he felt a "power" of sorts from a priests' voice and hands and soon converted to Catholicism.

These days, on a weekly basis, no matter the denomination, it will be difficult to find a clergyman who can convey the helpful message that will be needed in these tough times.

I'd like to think no one wants to sit through a church service week after week just to be reminded of past failures and misfortunes.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Nope, @4:18 it was the original sin thing - you know,
"Eve and Steve" getting it on while Adam was out
checking the fences around Paradise.

Ask your wife, she'll explain it to you,
she's an expert on the subject
(practice makes perfect, you know).

Anonymous said...

When I read Tony's headline for 'Sheep Attacks' I immediately thought it was an article about Byron Funkhouser and his West Virginia misdeeds.