Saturday, May 16, 2020

Kansas City Saturday Turnabout

On this 2nd to last afternoon of lockdown for many our our cowtown friends, we share this collection of community news, pop culture and info from across the nation and around the world . . .

Unlikely "Nonpartisan" Middle Ground Offered: Kansas City group aims to take the politics out of face masks

Helping Hand Amid Pandemic Harsh Times: A special visit and gift saved this local recovering addict, isolated for weeks during pandemic

Crackdown: Brighton Gardens to remove director amid COVID-19 outbreak

KCK Police Case: Lawsuit: KCK Police retaliated against minority employees seeking equal pay


Missouri lawmakers OK mail-in voting on final day of session

Kansas Pandemic Progress: Downward-headed virus data now flattening in Kansas, Gov. Kelly says

Show-Me MAGA Shout Out: Missouri governor praises Trump admin's COVID-19 response: 'Almost moved mountains'

Life Lesson Study: Kansas coronavirus update: K-12 educators plan face-to-face classes in August, with contingencies

Rock Chalk Methodology Remix: In Reversal, Kansas Will Count All Positive COVID Cases, Even Asymptomatic Ones

Show-Me Mercy: Federal court grants Missouri inmate 30-day execution stay


As demand for digital subscriptions grows, Journal-World will eliminate Monday print edition

Show-Me More Treatment Options: Missouri deploys remdesivir to hospitals with critically ill COVID-19 patients

GOP Rank & File Myth-Bust House Democrats: Kansas Rep. Estes votes against $3 trillion 'socialist wish list'

More Kansas COVID Precautions Undeway: New state reopening phase added because of concern about spread of COVID-19


Obama mocks Trump’s coronavirus response in online commencement speech

Beltway Drama Explained: Trump fires State Department watchdog who opened probe into Pompeo

Prez Supports Hassling Local Media: Trump Eggs On Coronavirus Protesters Who Stalked and Abused Reporter, Calls Them ‘Great People!’

Hottie Life Lessons Shared: Julianne Hough Opens Up About Her Love Life, Egg Freezing, And More

Pundits Turn Pandemic Human Suffering Into Partisan Talking Point: The pre-election number Trump's team reportedly fears the most is the COVID-19 'body count'

Second Save Starts In China: Hundreds of villages locked down in northeastern China after fresh coronavirus outbreak

White House Weekend Tweet Storm Shocks Critics: Trump puts pressure on GOP, dismisses Biden and jabs media in Saturday tweetstorm

Pop Singer Contemplates Big PictureJustin Bieber talks regrets, says he wishes he waited until marriage to have sex

Kangaroos Hop Around Lockdown

Roos Try: Quarantine

Fresh Start After Lockdown: Farmers' markets reopen in Johnson County, Kansas

Urban NextGen Teaches Cowtown Sustainability: Grow Your Own Food - A Beginner’s Guide to Gardening

And this is the OPEN THREAD for Saturday . . .


Anonymous said...

Obama doesn't really have any business criticizing the new president.

Anonymous said...

Mail in voting pushed by the democrats so they can cheat will cause a riot that's not going to happen so they need to get over that right now!

Hey Obama where's the millions of US dollars that disappeared in Iran under your administration?????? Oh I forgot it was exported to Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

What are roast beef flaps?

Anonymous said...

^^^^ how bout that dummy who armed the cartels? Was that Barry too?

Anonymous said...

6:23 Obama’s lips?

Anonymous said...

5:58: Ever heard of the First Amendment?

Anonymous said...

But Trump's such an ass-clown he invites mockery.

Anonymous said...

Far better to send billions to Arabia do we can have "energy dominance" huuuraaa!

Anonymous said...

corona is not a political issue, or it shouldn't be.

Anonymous said...

Barry’s just mad because he got busted for breaking multiple laws, he thought he could get away with this shit because he’s black, it’s not gonna work without some serious snitching.

Anonymous said...

9:43 Barry was a Harvard law professor so he knows how to avoid breaking the law, anyway demon trump and the misfits in his administration wouldn't be able to make a case against him anyway.

Anonymous said...

They’ll be a deal made and that’s the only way he gets out of this mess, all politicians get away with something or other as long as they can make a deal and I wouldn’t be shocked by him getting off scot free either. Presidents and former presidents can get away with murder

Anonymous said...

Trump hasn’t done anything wrong, unless you believe cnn and mcdnc, according to those idiots Trump should’ve been hung, shot and had his head cutoff. The lame stream media doesn’t tell the truth anymore and that’s just plain sad.

When you start believing them it’s already too late, you can’t be saved.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Trump will never criticize a new president after he gets kicked out.

I'm also sure his supporters will immediately chastise him on every rage tweet he posts next year.

Obama has been quiet for years. Stop with the pearl clutching over shattered norms and the fake outrage.

Anonymous said...

Trump doesn't have any business criticizing former presidents.

He's been the HNIC for well over 3 years now. He should be doing his job, but proves everyday not capable of it.

Instead, he's bitching and moaning about his TV coverage and tweeting insults with the full support of the GOP.

Anonymous said...

When Trump tells Fauci that its "unacceptable" that the virus may exist, causing school closure -well Trump doesnt understand Mother Nature. It dictates to you what happens. You dont tell it what to do. Trump had sex with a porn actress on a golf course with no condom. Thats his level of intelligence. Wonder if he caught or gave a STD to his wife? I mean NO CONDOM?