Friday, May 29, 2020

Kansas City Runs On Social Justice Outcry

One of many causes that inspires locals to speak out against injustice . . . Here's an ongoing effort that has garnered local support in response a deadly altercation. Checkit:

Black Men Run KC weighs in on Ahmaud Arbery case: 'I saw myself in his shoes'

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Today, a court date was set for three civilians charged for their roles in the death of black man who was jogging through their Georgia neighborhood. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 4. Ahmaud Arbery's murder case is being followed closely by one a local runner's group.


Anonymous said...

"Black Men Run"

Isn't that racial profiling?
Isn't that discrimination in action?
Would it be ok to organize a group called "White Men Run"?
Why would a man in KC attempt to link himself to a deceased man in Georgia, whom he never knew or met?
Running in your own neighborhood, and getting to know your neighbors, is a much more productive effort than driving to Swope Park for groupthink commiseration.

Remember The USS Liberty said...

When I saw those White men keeping their community safe from thieving feral Niggers, I saw myself in their shoes.