Thursday, May 28, 2020

Kansas City Royals Move To Delaware

NOT REALLY but as far as the IRS is concerned . . . Here's a quick hint at corporate tax law for a team that earned championship glory by way of playing moneyball:

Royals move legal home to Delaware

The Kansas City Royals have moved -- not actually, but legally. The Royals changed their legal home from Missouri to Delaware last fall during the process of the team's sale from David Glass to a group headed by John Sherman. The switch was mentioned Monday in a filing with the 9th Circuit U.S.


Asking for a friend said...

Was this to avoid paying the e-tax?

Anonymous said...

Team will be next and all games played here the players and staff have to pay e-tax.

Anonymous said...

Will rich people ever pay taxes, ever?

NicK said...

So theyre commiting legal fraud to get around taxes