Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Kansas City Public School Board Leader Notices Local Masks Discarded

A local plea for community buy-in on CDC regulations along with an interview on the state of the KCPS budget . . . Here's community perspective on coronavirus precuations mostly cast aside.

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LTE: Please wear a mask and wash your hands

Our greatest strength is our individual health, without it we can do nothing else. We are in truly unparalleled times with so many uncertainties and, no doubt, frustrations around this national pandemic. I write to you all today to ask you to please wear a mask, whenever you leave your house.


Anonymous said...

No we won't wear a mask. They don't help that virus can go through your eyes and even into your ears.

Notice how the liberal terrorists keep pushing back the opening date. Now Portland and some counties in CA are keeping people closed until July 6th.

The WHO has told hospitals to say that in was the virus that killed anyone who dies even if they didn't have the COVID 19 virus.

This is about something way bigger than COVID 19. Look around!

Anonymous said...

^^and yet the WHO never, ever, ever said that. You're a lair and an idiot. Weird.

Smokey The Bear said...

It's Either Six Feet Apart or Six Feet Under!

Anonymous said...

LA extended their lock down until July 31st.

Anonymous said...

^Good for them.