Kansas City Online Chat Reconciliation Amid Rioting Over Police Killings

A glimpse at one aspect of the discourse that just burns time instead of buildings . . . Take a look:

Groups working for justice, equality promote dialogue between races after Minneapolis protests

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The raw emotion of protesters demanding justice in Minneapolis Thursday night, and the rage of rioters and looters setting fires, has experts in social justice explaining that events are the culmination of centuries of "justice denied" for African Americans. LaDonna McCullough is founder and CEO of Critical Change .


  1. Didnt know The was a race thing, I thought this was a bad cop thing?

    1. You haven't heard? It's another opportunity for victimhood by the most coddled, privileged race in history. We can't miss out on that!

  2. Just another "CEO and founder" of yet another obscure ineffective nonprofit "organization".
    No real responsibilities, but plenty of advice for how other people should behave and do their jobs.
    Where's "Mothers in Charge" and the rest of the taxpayer-funded gang?
    Meanwhile homicide #68 takes place right in their neighborhoood and no one hears a peep.


  3. In other words more praise and glory for black people. The cop has been arrested why is there rioting. I'm sick of black people rioting all the time. There was a bad cop and black people are going to make everyone pay and we are suppose to stand back and watch that? I don't think so.

  4. Charles Whitman5/30/20, 9:15 AM

    I'm tired too. I'm for the same rights, not more. There never seems to be enough.
    Also, why are all cops being persecuted? Isn't that similar to racism? And, besides, with no police, who will enforce the laws, or is lawlessness the goal?
    I'm white, and I have some respectable black friends; I'm certain that similar things are thought about me. I'm just tired of having to re-prove myself again and again and again to POÇ that only see the whiteness of my skin, that I'm not some KKK member out to eradicate all blacks. I'm tiréd of going bàck tó square one.

  5. Jesus tony, why would you punish us with the two ugliest women in one picture, my eyes hurt now!


    Q: What do you call the leader of a Social Justice Warrior tribe and a woman who makes her living on the racial diversity/equity seminar circuit?

    A: Peas in a pod!!!

  7. Race grifters of different races can agree on the career benefits of keeping racial disharmony alive.


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