Monday, May 04, 2020


New pandemic job opportunities for changing times and the cowtown new normal . . .

The recent announcement:

"The @KCMOHealthDept is seeking applicants to help us fight #COVID19. This is a temporary position. We hope to hire 5 people to join our disease investigation team, contacting & guiding those who have or who may have been exposed to #COVID19."

A glimpse at the qualifications . . .

Pay,Benefits, & Work Schedule

Department/Division: Health/Division of Communicable Disease Prevention
Salary Range: $18.00/per hour
Work Location: 2400 Troost
Normal Work Days/Hours: M-F/8-5 PM (full/part-time)
Application Deadline Date: May 11, 2020

*Employees who hold the exact position title, have successfully completed their 6-month probationary period, and wish to be considered for a lateral transfer into the posted position, must contact the department directly. All others interested must submit an application to be considered for this posted Job Opening.

Assists with investigation, contact tracing, and tracking around positive COVID-19 cases. Most work will involve telephone follow-up directly with cases, contacts to cases, medical providers as well as the general public. Proficiency with computers and clear, detailed written documentation is also necessary. Responsible for direct data entry into various computer systems. Handles confidential information with extreme discretion. Uses excellent interpersonal skills to interact professionally with culturally diverse individuals during a time of crisis and distress. Critical thinking, sound judgement and excellent organizational and communication skills are essential. Previous public health experience and/or proficiency in a second language besides English is a plus.

REQUIRES high school graduation; OR an equivalent combination of qualifying education and experience.

As a condition of employment with the City of KCMO Health Department, all new employees will be required to submit or provide documentation of receiving an influenza (Flu) Vaccination . . .

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Honestly I thought the pay would be better considering all the risk involved. I think these folks might be exposing themselves to a lot with this job. Should actually get more hazard pay.

Anonymous said...

City Hall is just about the only place paying this kind of money right now.

Anonymous said...

will the pay be delivered in pieces of silver?

Anonymous said...

Great job possibility for the formerly-employed beggars, I mean waiters.

Harold Eugene Johnson said...

Mayor Meathead has a ten-ten-ten plan, which means he took an IQ Test three times and scored ten points on each test. His bodyguard decided businesses should have limits on their customers, thus the 10-10-10 BS.

Having had problems with the 2018 Census, which I managed to avoid, except for the count of one occupant, I will not patronize any business that takes names, to avoid having to hurt anyone who is dumb enough to knock on the front door after I retun home. Y'all can be good little butt sniffers, sign-up, and go shop. I refuse, and will go elsewhere to spend money for food. Governor Parson has opened places to shop that Mayor Meathead can't control.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea if tracing. It will make it easier for people to g etc revenge. They might want to know who killed mama in the nursing home.

Anonymous said...

Great opportunity for the gang marching around and DEMANDING free rent.
So drop those signs, go get the training, and remember to actually show up on time and try hard to meet the requirements of the job and the expectations of the people who are paying you.
No selfies or local TV spots.
Just actually accomplishing something and getting paid so you can pay your bills.
What a concept!

Anonymous said...

OLd geezers find something to cry about with every post. Bitter, busted, broken, losers.

Anonymous said...

KCMO Thug Health Department seeking morons to strip mine covid money.

Anonymous said...


It should come as no surprise that KCMO is pursuing this exercise in futility. When you don't have a clue, but your purpose is to waste money and appear busy, you pursue contact tracing for an airborne virus.

Tracer: Hi Mrs. Brown, I'm with the KCMO Health Dept., and I understand you recently tested positive for the coronavirus?

Brown: That's what they say, but I never got sick, so I wonder if it was a mistake.

Tracer: Well, I need to know all the people you came into contact with over the last 3 weeks, so I can track them down.

Brown: Are you serious?

Tracer: I'm from the government, and I'm here to help!!!

Anonymous said...

What the shut down chumps do not realize is that the effect of the shut down is going to be lower pay, shittier benefits and higher unemployment - exactly what the corporatists and globalist want. Shit heads.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a job that Byron could do and not have to fraudulently claim disability any more.

Anonymous said...

Most experts say that we are WAY beyond the point of contact tracing. The level of asympomatic infections combined with the known infection levels make it an exercise in futility. Widespread infection and antibody testing will be the only way to flatten the curve much more.

Anonymous said...

We are told to wear facemasks in public, but all that does is lower our exposure to not only COVID, but all other forms of viruses, germs and bacteria. This lack of exposure weakens our immune system because we don't build antibodies.

Wearing a facemask in unnatural, if we were intended to have filters, then we would have evolved to have them in front of our mouths, but that's not the case.

Masks are appropriate for high risk environments, like visiting a hospital with infected individuals but not appropriate for everyday use.

Byron Funkhouser said...

11:07 I received a letter, in March, from the Social Security Administration stating that I was no longer receiving Social Security Disability Benefits. I was now receiving Social Security Retirement Benefits.

In other words, bite me!