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Kansas City MSM Share Happy News Distraction Remembering Old World Before Pandemic

Top 5 reasons to love life in Kansas City

A lot of people are ready for life to be normal again! Neal Jones reminds us of all the reasons we love KC.

Cutback Hits Troops

Military Health Contractor In Kansas City Furloughs Nearly 200 Workers

TriWest Healthcare Alliance, which contracts with the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide private-sector health care for veterans, is furloughing 191 workers in Kansas City and laying off another 17. The Phoenix-based company said it anticipates the furloughs will last less than six months but could last longer.

Meth Town Bus Breakdown

Independence considers cutting bus service within city limits

There is a cost-saving proposal to cut all six IndeBus routes that serve those who work and live within Independence. But city leaders are working to find funding to keep it going since so many residents describe the service as a lifeline.

MKC6 Outbreak Revealed

Amazon distribution center workers in KCK detail concerns over COVID-19 cases

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) - The number of coronavirus cases at Amazon's distribution center in Kansas City, Kansas, continues to grow, with two more cases announced just this week. The Amazon Fulfillment Center in Kansas City, Kansas, is known at MKC6. But the number that's causing concern is nine, at least nine workers have tested positive for COVID-19.

Pr0n Shares Helping Hand With Movie Biz Comeback

Porn industry could help Hollywood protect film crews from coronavirus

Hollywood could learn a thing or two from the porn industry when it comes to protecting its film crews from a major health scare. As Tinseltown gears up to restart production in the wake of the coronavirus, it could turn to its freaky cousin, the adult entertainment industry, for battle-tested solutions developed during the HIV/AIDS epidemic, according to a new report.

Prez Trump Contradicted

Trump's rebuke of Fauci encapsulates rejection of science in virus fight

President Donald Trump's repudiation of Dr. Anthony Fauci has long been probable. Once the trusted doctor warned of the human cost of Trump's push to quickly reopen the country, it became inevitable.

COVID Memoir Debuts

'Wuhan Diary' Brings Account Of China's Coronavirus Outbreak To English Speakers

subscribe to Coronavirus Daily podcast In her now-world-famous writing, Chinese author Fang Fang implores: "The departed are gone, but the living must go on. As before. I just hope we can remember."

Democratic Party New Deal Also Saves The Planet

House Dems' stimulus bill aims to fight coronavirus with 'environmental justice grants'

House Democrats are using their newly unveiled $3 trillion coronavirus relief package to call for $50 million in federal grants, aimed at investigating the environmental impact of COVID-19. The bill, which represents the largest aid package aimed at the pandemic yet, was released by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday and highlights the need for "environmental justice grants."

Free Money Fight Again

Weird Historical Echoes as an Elite D.C. School Gets a Bailout

Sidwell Friends, an elite Washington, D.C. private school that has educated the children of four presidents, made news recently when it informed students and alumni that it had accepted a $5.2 million loan from the federal government's Paycheck Protection Program. (The loan will shortly be converted into a grant as long as Sidwell follows the law's guidelines.)

Helping Hand Postscript

Kansas City-area Price Choppers collect donations for fallen firefighter

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Price Chopper stores in the Kansas City metro are collecting donations through the end of May for fallen Independence firefighter David Jameson, Jr. Beginning Wednesday, May 13, all area Price Chopper stores are collecting funds for Jameson. The grocery store said 100% of all money raised will go to Jameson's family.

Fanboys Imagine Dynasty

Kansas City Chiefs: Five easiest games on 2020 schedule

We already took a look at the five toughest games for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2020, so naturally it's now time to look at the five easiest games on the regular season schedule. It's worth noting that even though these made the list of easiest games, no game in the NFL is easy even when you're the reigning Super Bowl champs.

Thursday Storm Forecast

Severe thunderstorms possible late this afternoon and evening

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Tracking a band of non-severe thunderstorms over northern Missouri this morning. Redevelopment of more widespread thunderstorms around 4-5pm.

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