Thursday, May 14, 2020

Kansas City Money Talk Before Reopen

Turns out all of the folks telling readers to buy before the lockdown were wrong and betting with their politics instead of their head . . . Here's a far more conservative view of money matters and a good look at the useless advice waiting for the plebs.

Take a look:

Financial expert addresses 401k fears during pandemic

The pandemic has been taking a toll on the stock market, which is likely causing a dip in your retirement account. KMBC 9 talked to a local financial firm about what you should do right now. As stocks take a tumble, fears are rising.


Anonymous said...

Financial experts all say diversify and give us 1% each year for that sage advice.

Anonymous said...

Unlikely there will be much of a retirement account left in another month.

Anonymous said...

Local government will be desperate to raise tax revenues, and they will naturally look at bubble-era valuations on all real estate as a cash cow.