Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Kansas City Midweek Morning Roundup

The hotties of Brazzers remind us the pr0n is an integral part of pop culture as we check community news and info from across the nation . . .

Pet Probs Plauge Kansas City Amid Continued Coronavirus

Pet adoptions high at local shelters during pandemic but surrenders growing, too

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - People in quarantine are fostering and adopting more pets during the COVID-19 pandemic. But many people are also having trouble with the cost of upkeep for their pets. On Tuesday, workers at Midwest Animal ResQ took in 25 new dogs. "We are starting to see an uptick in owner requested releases, [...]

Tribute After Blowup

5 utility workers hospitalized after explosion in KCK

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Five Kansas City Board of Public Utilities workers were taken to the hospital after an explosion on Monday night in Kansas City, Kansas. Electric operations personnel were restoring services to the "Center City 15-4 circuit," according to a KCKBPU news release, and underground crews were called to assist.

KC Biz Endures New Normal

No ribbon cuttings, but new metro businesses are still opening during pandemic

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The coronavirus pandemic has meant tough times for many small non-essential businesses. But imagine trying to open a business that requires limited touching of surfaces by customers in the midst of a pandemic. That's what one Overland Park couple just did.

Local Hobo Testing Starts

Homeless shelters conduct COVID-19 testing before volunteers return

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As restrictions lift amid the coronavirus pandemic, Shelter KC on Cherry Street is working to restore a vital part of its organization - volunteers. "It's an opportunity for the homeless to engage with our volunteers," Eric Burger, executive director of Shelter KC, said.

Social Media Crackdown Coming Soon For Divisive Election Season 2020

Trump threatens to 'strongly regulate' social media platforms after Twitter labels his tweets

President Donald Trump on Wednesday threatened to "strongly regulate" or even shut down social media platforms after Twitter applied a fact-check to two of his tweets this week.

Wayback Lame Skit Still Haunts Not-So-Funnyman

Jimmy Fallon Apologizes for 'Terrible Decision' After 'SNL' Blackface Video Surfaces

Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday (May 26) apologized for doing blackface 20 years ago during a sketch on NBC's Saturday Night Live. The Tonight Show host and SNL vet said he was sorry after the clip resurfaced and he was criticized for the moment across Twitter.

Celeb Still Hates Prez

Kathy Griffin suggests Trump should take syringe with 'nothing but air'

Kathy Griffin was called out on Twitter Tuesday after suggesting that President Trump should take an empty syringe "with nothing but air." As first reported by the Washington Examiner, Griffin had a graphic response to remarks President Trump made at a White House event dedicated to seniors suffering from diabetes, where he jokingly asked if he should be on "insulin."

COVID Inspires Switcheroo

Sex workers have issued a list of 'safer' sex positions to stick to during the pandemic

Swiss brothels say they will be following a strict set of guidelines as they prepare to reopen after being forced to close their doors due to the pandemic. Their new safety measures include a list of the "least risky" sexual positions for sex workers to use with clients, according to the English-language news outlet in Switzerland, The Local.

Pandemic Pr0n Gets Personal

Porn Takes On a Personal Touch in the Pandemic

As one of the most popular porn stars in the world, Sofia Rose is an industry unto herself. And for much of her 15-plus years in the business, that's meant traveling-often more than she's wanted to. She flew over 100,000 miles in 2019, as video shoots, event appearances, and fan meet-and-greets took her to New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, and other locales.

Local Color Tribute

Group creating coloring book to raise awareness about COVID-19 in northeast part of city

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A group of people in Kansas City, Missouri, hope a picture is worth 1,000 words. The Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and Northeast Arts KC want those pictures to help non-English speakers learn more about COVID-19.

KC Loves UVs

Interest grows for at-home ultraviolet sterilization, urban farming amid prolonged pandemic

"Since the start of the pandemic, Year-Round Garden has seen record sales - month after month," Michael Wilson noted, crediting the boon to a nationwide grow-your-own trend, as well as stress and anxiety surrounding the safety, availability and price of the city's current food supply.

More Corona Clouds Today

Cloudy Wednesday, slight chance for rain

Thunderstorms expected Thursday

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Anonymous said...

Without Twitter, the president loses his biggest platform.

But if they ban him, they could lose their audience completely.

Tough call.

Anonymous said...

The globalists and their cult following are working overtime now. This virus isn't over and of course neither is the Trump derangement syndrome. the next step for the liberal sheep is they are getting the FEMA camps ready for the so called second wave of this virus. They already have their propaganda machine going on how bad this is going to be and are telling people that the FEMA camps are for anyone who either wants to quarantine there or they are ready for mass amounts of sick people.....NOT Washington state is going to be the first to welcome you. Anyone who knows what is going on knows what I'm talking about. Time to Lock and load! Oh and don't take the serum.

Anonymous said...

^^^Old weird guy ranting alert.

Trump being a little bitch because Twitter posts a fact check on one of his bullshit tweets is the kind of stuff I'm here for. Someone please change his depends already.

Anonymous said...

"threatened to "strongly regulate" or even shut down social media platforms"

Not a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet will never, ever happen. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Happy Hump Day, Deplorable MAGATS! How has President Bonespurs fucked America today? Let us internally count the ways while you pop a few hydro-imbecillin pills and huff Lysol. Those 100,000 dead Americans should have listened, right?

Anonymous said...

"Trump threatens to 'strongly regulate' social media platforms after Twitter labels his tweets"

He can't stand for his lies to be labeled lies. And he complains about free speech. What a whiny loser.

Anonymous said...

This president is such a butt-hurt shitflake! He's a triggered little bitch! He cries about everything. Conservative tears are so delicious!

Anonymous said...

Just another part of the ongoing plot by the Republican Party to overthrow the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Is Kathy Griffin really a man ? Gad she's an ugly what ever she is.

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^Jesus bitch, who cares?

Interestingly, the First Amendment comes before the Second Amendment, though that might have not been obvious because of the disproportional attention the Second receives.

He wants to be dictator so bad.

Anonymous said...

both sides are corrupt.

meanwhile, thank goodness the average american is a good person.

Anonymous said...

Hey dumbfuck at 9:52, the first amendment was passed at the exact same time as the second amendment. None takes precedence over any other.

Anonymous said...

Hey, 9:20am. Don't you talk about President Morbidly Obese that way.

Anonymous said...

Kathy Griffin and Nancy Pelosi two ugly ass women America would be better without. Oh and throw Byron out along with them.

Mo Rage said...

It's plague.


And it's clear this President isn't familiar with our US Constitution, the First Amendment and that pesky Free Speech.

He thinks he's running one of his companies, not a Democracy.


Anonymous said...

^^^God, I hope he doesn't think he's running one of his companies. They all went bankrupt!

Anonymous said...

Kathy Griffin. Is that bloody gash still running her mouth?
Bitch was reduced to playing casinos/cruise ships until Daddy Corona put a stop to that shit.

Anonymous said...

^^She been reduced to giving $5 blowjobs in the parking lot at Menards.

Anonymous said...

^^ Nah @2:02, she charges $10, and gets it, too!
That's why your Mom is so pissed at her, she's ruined the $1.50 market.
(By the way, Mommy says mmmmph)

Anonymous said...

^^Food for thought.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Kathy and Byron are the same confused puppet on a pulpit.

Anonymous said...

Man that Griffin bitch has got some ruts on that face and neck.

Anonymous said...

"Trump threatens to 'strongly regulate' social media platforms after Twitter labels his tweets"

And yet Diaper Don can't even regulate his bladder. Weird.