Monday, May 25, 2020

Kansas City Memorial Day News Look

Quick roundup of pop culture, community news and info from across the nation and around the world . . .

Coronavirus Shut Down Continues In Kansas City

While many KC restaurants came back to life, some remain dark - Kansas City Business Journal

The coronavirus pandemic caused more than a few of the Kansas City area's best-known restaurants to temporarily close. Although some have reopened as of Memorial Day, a number haven't yet, and some never will. The area's stay-at-home orders and prohibitions on dine-in service left many restaurant owners with difficult choices.

Kansas City Hipsters Share Immortal Words Of Wisdom

The American Legion shares Memorial Day speech

The American Legion sent out copies of the speech they would have delivered for Memorial Day. The events around the national holiday have been cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus situation. We thought we'd share the words that you would have heard, for the person in your life that deserves to hear them.

Golden Ghetto Coronavirus Tests Coming Soon

Johnson County, Kansas offering free drive-thru COVID-19 tests to residents Friday

The Johnson County, Kansas Department of Health and Environment is offering free coronavirus testing to residents on Friday.The drive-thru testing clinic will be set up at the College Boulevard Activity Center off South Valley Road in Olathe from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Legendary Crowd Emerges

Steady stream of shoppers arrive at The Legends Outlets in KCK

KANSAS CITY, KS. (KCTV) --- A steady crowd of shoppers visited stores that opened at The Legends on Monday. Corporate decisions left some of the KCK shopping mall's stores closed, but some did reopen. The complex has guidelines posted on how to shop safely and hand sanitizer stations have been placed all around the facility.

Lana Plays Social Media

Lana Del Rey Speaks Out Again to Clarify Her Intentions: 'God Bless & F--- Off If You Don't Like the Post'

Late Sunday night (May 24), Lana Del Rey took to Instagram once more to defend her post that named several other female artists and caused a stir across the internet last week.

Veep Out Of Basement

Biden emerges from quarantine on Memorial Day

US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has made his first public appearance after more than two months in quarantine amid the Covid-19 crisis. Wearing a black face mask, the former vice-president laid a wreath at a ceremony in his home state of Delaware.

New York Outcry Over Mask

Viral video shows Staten Island store mob screaming at woman without mask

A viral video shows a mob of Staten Island grocery-store shoppers screaming at a customer who wasn't wearing a mask. The furious crowd yelled, "Get out!" "Get the f-k out of here!" and "You're a loser, bro!" at the woman at the ShopRite, according to footage posted on Facebook on Saturday and later widely shared on Twitter and other online sites.

Sweden Proven Wrong???

Sweden virus deaths hit 4,000 as expert says country 'wrong' not to shut down

The Swedish model was described by former state epidemiologist Annika Linde as "not the smartest". Pointing to Sweden's Nordic neighbours, the virologist told Expressen they had "succeeded quite well" by comparison in limiting the killer bug's rampage through their countries.

Italy Night Life Trouble

Italy Coalition Squabbles Over Recruiting Volunteers to Enforce Distancing

ROME (Reuters) - Italy's coalition partners quarrelled on Monday over a proposal to recruit volunteers to enforce social distancing rules as the country gradually rolls back its coronavirus-related restrictions. Regional Affairs Minister Francesco Boccia, a member of the centre-left Democratic Party (PD), said some 60,000 volunteers would help to avert gatherings, after footage of crowds triggered fears that infections may surge again.

College Help From QB

Patrick Mahomes' foundation providing 15 scholarships for children of Navy SEALs

Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his foundation are stepping up on Memorial Day.Mahomes' foundation, 15 and the Mahomies, announced Monday it is providing 15 scholarships to children of U.S. Navy SEALs.

Kansas City Super Bowl Champs Offer Tribute To The Troops

Chiefs post Memorial Day tribute

The Kansas City Chiefs posted a video commemorating Memorial Day on Monday morning. To all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.Thank you. Kansas City Chiefs...

Weather Check This Week

Scattered thunderstorms continue Monday night into Tuesday afternoon


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Anonymous said...

People better think twice before they run a person out of a store that doesn't have a mask on around here. Doing that would be considered an attack and I would pull a weapon on you.

Anonymous said...

^^^ And then you would go to jail. Forever.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Karen.

No one can say if the Swedish approach is the correct one unless there is a second wave and Sweden avoids its worst effects because they have built a herd immunity from allowing it to go through its population this time.

KC Karen said...

^^^^ So callous with other people's lives. You obviously don't care about anyone but yourself, not your family or your neighbors. Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

^^^ stay in your basement then dummy

Auntie MeeMaw said...

Lookie here at the Ruffy Tuffy Hardass at 9:47!!

The balls on him to threaten this theoretical shopkeeper!!

I mean have you ever seen such brazen machismo?!!

LIke these protesters at state capitals with their AKs, holy shit I wish one of them would actually try and use the thing and get wiped away like the true shitstain they are.

Giovanni Gasparro said...

@ 11:38 Why ?

Ghost of Art Frahm said...


Anonymous said...

^^^^ Well Johnny, because seeing one of their nut-case inbred MAGA cousins shot to rags would sent the rest of them running back to their trailers - or rather back to the "prepper" foxholes they've dug under their trailers, where they can cry like babies and shit their pants in fear without their sister/wives laughing at them even more than they do already.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Ha!MAGA CHUDS. They're the worst aren't they? How come all these gun-dummies that you see with their AR-15's strapped to their backs are always so fat & ugly? Is their gun a substitute for a girlfriend? Makes you wonder.

Giovanni Gasparro said...

@ 7:57 Makes me wonder....what exactly ?

Anonymous said...

^^Why you failed at life.

Giovanni Gasparro said...

@ 8:19 Are you dehydrated ? I'll just bet you would feel better if you drank some water.

Anonymous said...

Mahoney served his country in Iraq. Give him a break.

Anonymous said...

It seems pretty simple now -- get a mask if you're going to be close to others or stay six feet away. Wash your hands a lot. That's about it. Do anything you want within these parameters. It's pretty clear that we closed down the economy way too much and too many businesses were shut down. About everything could have remained open. Nursing homes were definitely an exception. If it would have been that dangerous, everyone going to Target, Walmart, liquor stores, etc. would have been sick by now.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 9:47 is going to do something that might get him free anal for 40 years, because he feels he is a Patriot with a cap gun vs a respectful and lawful gun owner. Please turn in your weapons 947, you don't act like any gun owner I know.