Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Kansas City Meat Prices Spike For Local Restaurants Amid Media Fear Over Shortage

Fair play to some skeptics in the comments who believe there is no meat shortage . . . HOWEVER, this local restaurant reports confronting HIGHER PRICES and it's doubtful they're working for the "Deep State" but instead just trying to make a buck amid extremely difficult circumstances.

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Local restaurants trying to balance meat costs amid pandemic

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Many restaurants are facing two serious problems. They can't do their usual amount of business plus it's more difficult to get meat because of the pandemic's hit to the supply chain. The meat shortage means a double whammy at South Waldo's Burger State.


Anonymous said...

Yep so now the there is a meat shortage scare that is bogus. No meat shortage just slow getting the meat to stores because of the virus in some meat packing plants. But idiots are still out there believing this crap and are still hoarding T-paper. But that's understandable because people like this are full of crap. Meat will go up because of supply and demand. However the democrats like AOC and Kammla "on her knees" Harris want to ban meat.

Anonymous said...

It's six feet apart, or six feet under.

Anonymous said...

This does seem to be a media-generated shortage.

Anonymous said...

do winstead's hamburgers still have beef?

Anonymous said...

Jesus you're a special kind of fvcking stupid. You still maintain a belief in the vaporware 'cause your party tells you to in direct conflict with all actual facts and statistics.

Anonymous said...

Since I don't cook I think I'm going to get 50 big macs and freeze them.

Oh, is there a looming french fry shortage, just to know if I should get those, too.