Sunday, May 31, 2020

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas Congratulates Police & Protesters, Then Another Country Club Plaza Riot Breaks Out

Once again it seems the KCMO mayor might have spoken too soon . . .

Minutes after mayor applauds relatively peaceful protest, police deploy tear gas after curfew


"Thirty minutes after Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas praised Kansas City for a somewhat peaceful third day of protesting, police and protesters clashed just after curfew Sunday night at the Country Club Plaza.

“I’m proud of these protesters, I’m proud of my police officers and I’m proud of Kansas City,” Lucas said.

"But during an 8 p.m. press conference, the mayor and Kansas City Police Capt. David Jackson said if protesters remained peaceful, as they had for most of the day, they wouldn’t remove anyone right away.

"But not even an hour later, some protesters threw water bottles at police, and officers donned their gas masks.

"At about 8:30 p.m., just 30 minutes after curfew took effect, Kansas City police deployed tear gas at the Plaza."

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

You cannot reason with maniacs, Boy Blunder. Learn a lesson.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

I’m waiting for all these mayors to wave a piece of paper in the air and announce “we have peace in our time”
What a bunch of weaklings

Anonymous said...


“I’m proud of these protesters, I’m proud of my police officers and I’m proud of Kansas City,” Lucas said.

Hey Mayor! Pull your head out!

Once you stop supporting KCPD as #1, you are rooting for anarchy.
Law enforcement is the only thing separating civil society from chaos.
If Lucas isn't going to FIRMLY stand behind a KCPD strictly enforcing the rule of law, then it's going to be a free-for-all with citizens arming themselves and taking matters into their own hands.

Retro ROCKER said...

It will take decades for Kansas City to recover its Economy. Why would you want to Visit a Crime ridden City Or do Business in a Violent setting. And Continuing Violent protest In a High Value property Setting. Homes Worth Hundreds of thousands of Dollars Within a Few Blocks of never ending protest .

Jesus said...

Black Mayor, Black city...who knew they ran out of bananas.

Anonymous said...

I used be a very tolerate person with a very liberal bent. When the black movement keeps giving sainthood to criminals when those individuals eventually have bad outcomes with the police, I grow weary of the movement. My tolerance has turned from a period of just questioning to a period of being critical to now a mindset bordering on racism.

I pray I don't get pushed that far. I would guess there is a lot of other people with this same dilemma either consciously or unconsciously. I ask the black community to give me hope that your leadership will insist on perspective and reason to quell the emotional mob response that routinely follows these unfortunate tragedies of criminal and police encounters.

Anonymous said...

It's a fact that Quinton Lucas was on the Plaza helping the rioters he was seen!

Anonymous said...

But the star editorial board and Dirty Marge said the protests were peaceful.
Alternative facts by the star....again.

Anonymous said...

^^who reads the Star? Jesus Christ, you must be old as shit! Go into the light Boomer!