Monday, May 18, 2020

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas Begs Jackson County For Coronavirus Stimulus

A look at the desperate hat in hand plea from Kansas City's young mayor arguing for stimulus consideration from across the street . . .

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Mayor Lucas Sends Letter to Jackson County Legislature Urging Direct CARES Act Funding for Kansas City

Ahead of his presentation in front of the Jackson County Legislature regarding COVID-19 expenses incurred by the City of Kansas City, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas today sent a letter to Jackson County Executive Frank White and Jackson County legislators respectfully urging the Legislature "to enable our city to receive direct funding from the portion of the County's CARES Act funds set aside for local units of government based on our 44.5% of our Jackson County population."


Harold Eugene Johnson said...

Historically, Killa City trashed or wastes everything it can get. Let the poorly educated meathead beg, but don't let him had a cent.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Interesting. He graduated law school from Cornell but you're a trailer park shitheel who spends all their day on a scumbag blog.

Sorry you lost at life.

Anonymous said...

Ha! 12:49PM just got knocked the fuck out!!! Brutal!

Anonymous said...

Jackson County should not give KC a penny.

Anonymous said...

Keep writing Trump and urge him to pressure Frank to keep all the money.
Mayor is on record saying he needs it for salaries.

Keep writing Rex and urge him to help abolish the silly Earnings tax.
People working from home outside the city SO DO NOT HAVE TO PAY IT.

The 10-10-10 Nationally lampooned mayor is responsible for the shortfall- not Jackson County.

Write Clay and ask him to start 5 simultaneous petitions against the city for various things. Maybe it will drive the 10-10-10 Mayor to drink and park.

Write Trump and tell him the 10-10-10 plan was supposed to help people hate Trump and instead made KC poor and criminally dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Never heard of 10-10-10 plan!
What a clown!

Anyone that helped him..Send in the Clowns!