Thursday, May 28, 2020

Kansas City Mayor New Announces 50% Coronavirus Plan & More Cash For Testing

The quote of the day from Mayor Quinton Lucas, after he removed his mask . . .

"I thank my friends on the Clay County, Missouri Government Commission for ensuring Kansas City will receive and today beginning its issuance of $11.6 million in federal CARES Act funds to Kansas City to help fund COVID testing in the Northland and to support our first responders."

To his credit, the Mayor noted the local progress in preventing more coronavirus deaths vs. other similar sized cities which have seen more infections and fatalities amid the pandemic.

More deets:

KMBC: KCMO mayor loosens restrictions to 50% in next phase of city recovery plan

KCUR: Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas Announces Further Relaxation Of COVID-19 Rules, Starting Sunday

KSHB: 'Anything in Kansas City' can reopen at 50% capacity, mayor says

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Half empty or half full?

Still just as dangerous if you are vulnerable to getting sick. Be careful.

Anonymous said...

Half empty if you are a business owner, half full if you are health care bureaucrat.

Anonymous said...

Clay County sharing, now what about Uncle Frank?

Anonymous said...

Quote of the day.

Anonymous said...

KC’s Mayor 10-10-10 is full of fucking shit.
No scientific basis for 10-10-10 or 50/50.

The city is going more broke every hour Mayor 10-10-10 doesn’t open it up 100%.

Thousands of evictions from people who can’t work because their employment is stopped as businesses can’t open should be and are pissed.

Mayor 10-10-10 is a National Disgrace and talked about daily on AM radio.

He should focus on gunshots that kill and the city’s very high MURDER RATE!!

Instead he makes rules based on what? Sure as hell isnt science. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

Many won’t make it. About 24.6% of any businesses will fail in KC in next 6 months.
Suicides are real. People despairing over businesses closed.
Violence escalating.
Because Mayor 10-10-10 won’t open up KC 100%...based on what? Show us the science! (There isn’t any)

Q-What is Mayor 10-10-10’a theme song?
A- Send in the Clowns