Kansas City Immigration Activists Continue Fight Against Child Detention Center

The issue of a proposed child dentition center center near Troost targeting illegal immigrants is mostly settled but there's still a few public meetings that offer an opportunity for a low key switcheroo regarding the facility.

Accordingly, activists continue their online campaign against the effort.

So far they've gathered 7,313 signatures for their petition and encourage others to sign.

Take a look:

No Child Detention in KC!

To: KCMO City Planning Commission (publicengagement@kcmo.org)
From: [Your Name]

Recently, a company that calls itself VisionQuest has attempted to buy and rent property in Kansas City, Missouri for the purpose of running a for-profit detention center for migrant children.

We, the undersigned, demand no child detention administered by this company or any other in Kansas City.

We call on the City Planning Commission to reject any plans involving the detention migrant youth. Our city and region must continue striving against the demonization of immigrants and resist participating in the separation of families. Any potential detention center would be a stain on the moral fabric of our community.

We stand united and declare immigrants are welcome and families belong together.

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Anonymous said…

O.K. then you liberals who want this need to pay their way. I can would love to give out your addresses and phone numbers to house, cloth, feed, and provide medical treatments for these people. So that includes just about everyone in midtown. Is it a deal liberals?
Anonymous said…
Stain on the moral fiber of the community? Underage children coming to a foreign country without parents, under unknown circumstances, without documentation, subject to any number of threats from people who want to take advantage of them? That's the stain on the moral fiber of our community. The solution is to help house these kids, find out why they are here, and get them setup in a legal way to be here. Thankfully our federal government is trying to find a solution to the problem instead of perpetuating a system of a permanent underclass of people living in the shadows so people can have their lawn cut for cheap - kids watched for almost free - and their organic hand picked Whole Foods strawberries for a couple of bucks. Yeah - moral stain.
Anonymous said…
Lock them up
Anonymous said…
Why are we still fucking with China? How about we manufacture all of our goods in Mexico, I think big business could afford to pay a little bit more to make products next door. It would boost their economy and ours. Stop fear mongering Americans to be scared of the brown people coming to work here to support their families and start showing respect to our proud Mexican neighbors. Mexico is our allies.
Anonymous said…
^^^ nobody is fear mongering Mexicans dumbass, all Americans want is for them to come here legally and not overload the system for free shit. I have a bunch of Mexican neighbors and they’re good hardworking people and they give me the best food!
Anonymous said…
Obviously they don't come over here and overload the system for free shit stupid. It's hard as fuck to get over here legally. I live by a lot of Hispanics too and they work longer hours and harder gigs than I do. The ones soaking up the system are good ole fashion Amiricans.