Monday, May 04, 2020

Kansas City Hospitals Prep For More Coronavirus Cases And Cut-Rate Care

Read betwixt the lines on this missive and realize that hospitals are concerned about their own fate just as much as the survival of their patients. Checkit:

Kansas City Hospitals Say They're Ready For More Patients, But COVID-19 Has Changed The Care You're Likely To Get

Political and business leaders in Kansas and Missouri are preparing for a gradual return to normal life in response to economic pressure and some positive signs that COVID-19 may be waning. Hospitals are also taking their first steps toward business as usual, as financial pressures and demand for care increase.


Anonymous said...

McMedical Care

Anonymous said...

^^Good one.

Anonymous said...

the access to medical care in this country is messy.

our experience in other countries, including with one payer, has been about the same; namely, a process to be negotiated.

it appears that it's in the interests of providers to keep access nontransparent.

Anonymous said...

Dont these tools know that there are people who will seek revenge when this is over?

Harold Eugene Johnson said...

No much the medical money suckers can do against a mild virus with a low death rate.