Thursday, May 21, 2020

Kansas City Hipster Social Distancing Parade Reveals Locals Still Weird After Lockdown

Alternative Midtown endures . . . Take a look:

Molly Balloons' social distancing parade shakes up Sunday nights

Molly Balloons parade. // Photo by Jim Nimmo It started on a normal note. A friend mentioned that there might be some photos to be taken at an event on Sunday. "Someone" in the Valentine neighborhood was having some kind of "parade" that practiced social distancing. It sounded odd, so I asked for details.

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Anonymous said...

I sure don't see any social distancing in that picture. But yet they can close businesses down and cost people their livelihood. Where's the mayor during all of this? He can sure put his stipulations on things but allow this. This is so hypocritical and sad.