Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Kansas City Front Line Workers Demand Hazard Pay Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

TV commercials talk a lot about "support" but here's a local situation demanding something more substantial than happy thoughts. Checkit:

Some Truman Medical Center workers protest over safety, hazard pay

Some workers protested outside Truman Medical Center Wednesday saying their voices are not being heard.Workers made up of lab technicians, medical assistants, dental assistants and others said it is all about safety and hazard pay.


Anonymous said...

The city paid their employees a whopping hazard pay of $12.50 a day, man oh man, I’ll risk my life for $62 a week more, where do I sign up at! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Your Fired

Anonymous said...

I risk my life every day in my profession. In fact it is the most dangerous profession in America. And I get nothing more. I bet they'll climb in their cars and tool around town, not concerned that most likely that will kill them instead. Maybe light up that cig or text while they drive.

Anonymous said...

Lazy is as lazy does.