Friday, May 22, 2020

Kansas City Enjoys Whiskey Tango Inflatable Backyard Pool Party Summer 2020

The future is all about lowered expectations . . . Here's a look at crafty locals doing more with less . . . Checkit:

As public pools remain closed, residents flock to buy their own

OLATHE, KS (KCTV) -- The coronavirus pandemic is casting a dark cloud over prime pool season this summer and, as more public pool closures are being announced, families are looking for other options to cool off and have fun. At businesses that sell pools like Family Leisure in Olathe, sales have skyrocketed.


Anonymous said...

A filthy little piss puddle for everyone splash around in

dont drink the piss water kids

and your neighbor that came over to swim, they pissed in your pool too

Your gay son loves you said...

^^^^^ Fucking stupid and pathetic comment. You took time out of your life to write that? What a waste. Do better be more clever or just get lost creep.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ And yet it got your panties in a bunch. Weird.

Anonymous said...

He probably has a pool that gets pissed in but he is scared to face the truth

splashing around in a piss pond