Wednesday, May 27, 2020


A recent message from Kansas City's Health Department Director offers PPE promotional spin . . .

"Sometimes we lower our flag to half-mast to honor and grieve those who have lost their lives. A new tradition is forming. Wear a mask Face with medical mask when in public to show respect for our fallen residents. Their family and friends will appreciate your act of kindness!"

Meanwhile . . .

Look around and notice fewer masks and locals weary of social distancing practices . . .


More bad news . . .

Kansas City, Mo., has hit 1,000 coronavirus cases, the health department announced.

You decide . . .

After the jump we've got more stories on local & nationwide impact of the plague along with more deets on how the KCMO plans to move forward . . .

Mayor Q Fights For Cash

KCMO mayor requests 'accelerated' portion of Jackson County CARES Act funds

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City, Missouri, Mayor Quinton Lucas says he has asked Jackson County to accelerate a portion of the federal CARES Act funding that the mayor says the city is eligible to receive.

Show-Me Accurate Count

Missouri agency pledges to end flawed virus data reporting

Missouri's state health director on Tuesday confirmed that the state has been lumping together different coronavirus test results in a way that can be misleading, despite saying otherwise multiple times last week. The agency has been combining the results of viral tests, which detect active cases of the virus essentially from the onset of infection, with antibody tests.

COVID Offers More Teachable Moments About Loneliness

Isolated and cut off from educational community, students share hopes and fears on YouTube

KANSAS CITY, MO - Normally the shop at MindDrive would be bustling with young welders, mechanics and software engineers. But during the COVID-19 crisis, the organization for urban teens has been working remotely. Like many educators, Mike Enos and Oz Qureshi miss the activity.

JoCo Recurrence

Villa St. Francis site of latest COVID-19 outbreak in Johnson County

OLATHE, Kan. - A new COVID-19 outbreak has emerged at a Johnson County long-term care facility. As of Tuesday afternoon, 37 people have tested positive for the virus at Villa St. Francis in Olathe. That number includes 22 residents and 15 staff.

Mission: Reopen

City of Mission asks for citizen's advice on reopening community center

MISSION, KS (KCTV) - The Sylvester Powell Junior Community Center is set to open June 8, that's the staff proposal to the city council, but the city is also asking for the public's input before approving the re-opening plan.

Reacting To Rules & Regs

Lee's Summit business owner questions CARES Act requirements

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - The owner of an athletic center in Lee's Summit is looking for answers as to why only one of her training facilities has been approved for a loan under the federal CARES Act. Lisa Tinkler, of Redline Athletics, said it's all because of how long she's been open - or a lack thereof.

Local Economic Impact Amid Pandemic Hard Times

Battery Maker Says It May Be Forced To Lay Off 1,000 Workers At Plants In Kansas City And Salina, Kansas

A maker of industrial and automotive batteries says it may have to lay off nearly 1,000 workers at its plants in Kansas City and Salina, Kansas, if a sale of the company falls through and it's forced to close down its operations.

Ford Tough Against COVID

Ford pauses Claycomo production after employee tests positive for COVID-19

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A positive COVID-19 case has paused some production at Ford Motor Company's Kansas City Assembly Plant in Claycomo. The automaker made the announcement Tuesday on the company website, saying it has paused production on the Transit side until the facility can be cleaned.

Golden Ghetto Gets Tested

Free COVID-19 testing available Friday for Johnson County residents

The Johnson County Department of Health and Environment will offer free COVID-19 testing Friday at a drive-thru clinic for any adult member of the community on a first-come, first-served basis from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the College Boulevard Activity Center, 11031 S. Valley Road in Olathe.

Kansas Side Relaxes???

Johnson, Wyandotte Counties won't impose additional COVID-19 restrictions

On Tuesday, Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly issued a new emergency declaration regarding how the state is handling the coronavirus. Kelly says local officials will decide what happens next in the reopening process in their communities. The governor is hoping city and county leaders will use her Ad Astra reopening plan as guidance moving forward, and that's exactly what Johnson and Wyandotte counties announced Tuesday evening.

Global Infowar Begins

The human cost of virus misinformation

A BBC team tracking coronavirus misinformation has found links to assaults, arsons and deaths. And experts say the potential for indirect harm caused by rumours, conspiracy theories and bad health information could be much bigger. "We thought the government was using it to distract us," says Brian Lee Hitchens, "or it was to do with 5G.

Debate Unmasked

As Covid-19 cases rise in 17 states, Americans still divided on whether masks should be mandated

Health officials estimate 40% of coronavirus transmissions happen before symptoms appear. And without proper precautions, summer gatherings can turn into breeding grounds for coronavirus.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

of course kc is growing weary of coronavirus. Everyone is. And all of us hope the numbers stay low so we can start dropping the restrictions. The people who don't want America to emerge from coronavirus have other motives that need to examined.

Anonymous said...

Do people play politics with the virus?

Of course, people play politics with everything. But that doesn't mean you can ignore health advice just because you don't agree with somebody's voting record or where they stand on a particular issue. Politicizing the pandemic just makes it harder to control.

Anonymous said...

Tests should be easily and conveniently available, not just in limited windows.

That would help the community fight against the disease.

MAGA KC said...

The reopen is even worse for the economy than the shut down with all of the restrictions.


Anonymous said...

It's interesting to hear the various talking radio heads turn their opinions to "open up" when they almost all bought in 100% when the hype train was going full steam. There was one single, DILLIGAF stand out, calling the BS for what it is from the very start: Limbaugh. He's been excoriated throughout the media, left, nevertrumper right, jealous competitors, yet he was right and is continually being proven so as this farce is exposed.

Save KC said...

^^^^ +100

Absolutely correct!

Anonymous said...

JoCo's response has been disappointing.

They have lots of people being paid quite a bit and, yet, very poor results in fighting COVID.

Anonymous said...

The people who don't want America to emerge from coronavirus have other motives that need to examined.

Right like Biden and the Democrats for example.

Anonymous said...

So, according to the Boy Blunder’s superhero sidekick, Rex Archer, the purpose of wearing a mask is virtue signaling. It is an outward sign of what a terrific person you are on the inside. Thanks, Doc. We get it now.

Anonymous said...

So 1,000 cases with a 99.98 survivial rate.... Panic and hysteria has run its course.

Anonymous said...

Biden needs to be out to pasture.

And, we need to fight fire with fire: Trump is an entertainer and we need the equivalent.

Oprah, Michelle, Elton, Bruce, Buffett, Matt, somebody famous and level-headed and not old and corrupt. Not an expert in legislation is OK, just a good person.

Anonymous said...

We have over 1000 RECORDED CASES FOR THREE MONTHS, where are the recovered numbers at?

Can the boy blunder (I like that name!) and Rex “Adam schiff of kc” archer please tell us the truth for once?

I’m betting we only have about 300 currently active cases at the most and ten in all the hospitals in the city.

Anonymous said...


Q: How did Dr. Archer contract a severe case on sudden-onset scoliosis?

A: He lost his backbone when repeatedly stooping to the lowest level of political pandering!!!

"A new tradition is forming. Wear a mask when in public to show respect for our fallen residents." - Rex Archer, MD, MPH

Recall that Dr. Archer appeared in public during March/April/May without a facemask, just like Mayor Quagmire. Don't be fooled by the fools.

Anonymous said...

1022 raises a good question: How many coronas are in hospitals in Kansas City right now?

Anonymous said...

masks save lives--or could save lives if people wore them.

Anonymous said...

Hospitals are empty and going broke. There is no overwhelming sickness on a wide scale. Nurses and doctors are being laid off, because there is nothing for them to do.

Clayton Bigsby said...

Dr Limbaugh and Dr Hannity,keep drinking that Kool aid from those 2 fools

Anonymous said...

Two non college educated millionaires that thumb their nose at the establishment. Makes lefties nuts doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Leave it at half mast in honor of us taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Piss on Adolph Archer and his fake statistics.
He needs to hook up with baby-killing Granny in Kansas.
Watching those two fuck ought to stir your imagination.

Anonymous said...

I wear a Depends on my face; doesn't everyone?


Sleepy Joe Biden

Retro ROCKER said...

The Health Officials sure did a number on the AMERICAN ECONOMY. I THEY ARE NOT telling the Whole story. Yes the virus is not good for people with a compromised immune system. But six feet away is a false sense of security .IT can be spread from 20 feet away the virus stays in the air for 20 minutes. We have been exposed to many a virus over the years we have attended many meetings,concerts dances .And this is the same as most viruses. But the media has over blown this YOU have the same chances of getting T.B.A and over the decades they did not quarantine the Americans .

Retro ROCKER said...

P.S.YOU are much more likely to catch something in a super center. You would be surprised. Turn all the lights out and go through with a ultraviolet light. That is how much of the virus was spread and nursing homes. No the Lake of the Ozarks.

Anonymous said...

The cdc put out a report and some liberal news reporting claims that since dimwit run cities 7.4% down to a 4.1% is far better than republican run cities who at their peak had a 2.0% down to 1.7%. Because the dimwit run cities had a higher percentage of a drop in cases this moron thinks they are doing a better job......

At what point does this despicable dimwit realize that both dimwit figures are still three times higher than republican cities???

Anonymous said...

YES Kansas City is losing MOMENTUM in coronavirus fight. What do ya say to that Rexy?

Anonymous said...

AHH, AHH, don't post links, they scare me. what does it mean the percentage of expected deaths FROM ALL CAUSES as of today is 99%. you mean even with the millions of covid deaths that our total death rate is less than expected based on previous years averages? nooo, nooo, the media tells me this is a terrible, evil, republican disease that kills everyone it sees, we have to continue to shut down., its so terrible, I'm so scared. you aholes that go about your days without masks showing subservience to the progressive masters should be locked up in prison. ahhh ahh, its all so terrible.

Anonymous said...

oh, and you're all CHUDS though they won't tell me what that means. I'm just supposed to type it everywhere I spew my idiot mouth diarrhea

Anonymous said...

I put a sign up on my street; it says "Fuck Off" !


Sleepy Joe Biden

Anonymous said...

If we would have worn masks for six weeks when in close proximity, had the 6-foot rule and cleaned a lot of surfaces, I don't think we would have needed to close anything. Everyone going to Target, Walmart and the liquor store shows that people close together aren't making this virus explode across America. It seems like about a 70-30 split on mask wearers vs. non-mask wearers in these places at most. The mask stops the spit coming out when you talk, so it is perhaps the most important when someone is carrying the virus. The lockdown was overkill. Fauci is showing his stupidity by flip-flopping on masks, as vividly shown in three of his interviews. The lockdown has gone on too long.