Friday, May 22, 2020

Kansas City Coronavirus Update: Authorities Urge Memorial Weekend Reopen Caution

The latest numbers as the pandemic clearly doesn't respect holidays . . .

KCMO Health Department: As of May, 22 KCMO has recorded 962 positive COVID-19 cases and 22 deaths.

KMBC: The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services reported 218 new cases of COVID-19 Friday, bringing the statewide total to 11,558 since the outbreak began. Health officials also reported 10 more patients died from the virus. There have now been 671 deaths across Missouri from COVID-19.

KAKE: Kansas reports 8,909 confirmed coronavirus cases so far and 205 deaths.

After the jump, there's more info on local impact . . .

Kansas City Still Confronts Coronavirus Danger

Health experts say KC area has long way to go in fighting COVID-19

Weeks into the pandemic, we are learning that Kansas City, and both Missouri and Kansas, still have a long to go. On a video call, some local health experts expressed concern about the future.This was a kind of a reality check.

Local Workers Worry

Employees In Some Industries Face Risking COVID-19 Or Losing Their Jobs And Benefits

Cities throughout the Kansas City metro have entered into various stages of reopening, and that's welcome news for many people who are anxious about the economy. But many workers say they are being forced into situations they fear are not yet safe.

Show-Me Meth Town COVID Clinic Coming Soon

Missouri will offer free COVID-19 testing next week in Independence

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services will conduct free community testing for any state resident next week in six counties, including Jackson County. The goal is to test 10,000 people during a six-day span in Jackson, Boone, Cape Girardeau, Greene, Jefferson and St. Charles counties.

Corona Complicates Vacay

Pandemic compresses prep time for Lake of the Ozarks resorts this Memorial Day weekend

SUNRISE BEACH, Mo. - When the pandemic struck, some resorts at the Lake of the Ozarks closed. But now as Missouri reopens, guests who once canceled have rebooked and resorts are rushing on the finishing touches for the Memorial Day weekend. Bear Bottom Resort puts on one of the largest fireworks displays at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Political Reality Checkup

Board asks city to consider bringing back health department

Concerned the city hasn't had ready access to enough COVID-19 case data from the county to help make policy decisions during the pandemic, Independence's Advisory Board of Health wants City Hall to look into re-establishing a standing health department.The board voted unanimously last week to recommend the mayor, city manager and City Council consider such a move, two years removed from when the city dispersed the department.

Locals Still Pitch Tent Despite Coronavirus

Camping still popular during coronavirus pandemic

MIAMI COUNTY, KS (KCTV) -- The great outdoors is a Memorial Day getaway for hundreds of families every year and although 2020 is a little different, campsites around the metro are still filling up for the weekend. Campsites in Missouri and Kansas were coming to life on Friday after a rainy morning.

Developing Pandemic Pix

Spending the quar developing pics in a darkroom

Drain cleaner, pool conditioner, phenidone, washing soda, acetaminophen, empty soda bottles, dimly red-lit garage. It sounds more like an episode of Breaking Bad than a photo project. While wet darkroom printing faced a serious decline in the early 2000s as higher-quality digital cameras were able to largely replace traditional techniques a few hardcore users and many new converts have retreated...

Developing . . .


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We will not know how this story begins to end until this time next year at the earliest.

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Nonsense! Get out there, go get something to eat, go to the mall! You guys will ALL BE FINE! Nothing to worry about at all! Don't bother with a stupid mask, TKC community! Just let people cough on you! Kiss 'em, in fact! No problem!

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Trump has mandated all death panels to open on Sunday. Report to your local churches. That's an order.

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Why DONT we close it down when the murders get to many

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Panic is the only answer! Obey! Stay inside and do not resume life until instructed by a government official! Ignore the evidence that the virus affects people differently! Ignore the fact that all the models have been completely wrong! The government will print money for you and it will just magically come from somewhere! To disobey is death!!

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We only want dictatorial orders if they come from the media! Panic! Obey!

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....god gave us this blessed disease for a reason!
...and that reason is?....

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^^^ Mechanisms have been put into place to help ensure the Earth doesn't become overpopulated.

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How about just simply wearing a mask in public to curb the spread any further? The mask isn't used to protect your worthless ass.