Thursday, May 21, 2020

Kansas City Coronavirus Eviction Surge Coming Soon With No Help From City Hall

Despite the valiant efforts of KC Tenants . . . Evictions are ready to start ramping up and politicos are caught betwixt siding with "home providers" vs. very vocal activists . . . Here's one more report on an upcoming inevitability:

Evictions loom for hundreds in Kansas City, but officials delay providing legal help

Despite a warning from a city official that hundreds of Kansas City residents could face eviction by the end of May, the City Council won't decide until June whether to fund more legal services for low-income tenants. In the months since the coronavirus forced the closure of businesses across the nation, record numbers of people have sought unemployment benefits.


Anonymous said...

this either goes disaster or a vaccine is in sight which makes both sides chill.

there's no middle outcome, imho.

Anonymous said...

I guess we will know in the next few weeks how good of an idea the rent moratorium was.

Anonymous said...

Don't pay the rent and expect to be evicted. Not a new concept. The landlords in KC MO with a few properties are exiting the market quickly. The options will be few and far between in the near future. One of the more important issues is increasing home ownership isn't straightforward issue. The quality of the housing stock isn't ideal for the conventional mortgages. Decades of zero permitting and the homes don't pass basic inspections.

Anonymous said...

Not much a lawyer can do if the tenant is way behind on rent. Maybe advise the renter to bust a few walls, stop up the toilet, scatter food to attract mice and roaches, then claim the premises are not habitable. But tenants know to do that without legal assistance.