Saturday, May 23, 2020

Kansas City CID Audit Coming Soon

High tax districts getting a well-deserved look as KCMO scrounges for money in every corner of the budget . . . Read more: - City of Kansas City, MO

The City Auditor's Office is conducting an audit to review oversight of Community Improvement Districts (CIDs). State law authorizes creation of a CID and this is done when a majority of property owners submit a petition to the city and the City Council holds a public hearing and adopts an ordinance establishing the CID.


Anonymous said...

City Auditor's Office is conducting an audit

LOL okey dokey

Anonymous said...

The last days of the Titanic

Anonymous said...

Plaza CID’s pay up.

Anonymous said...

I'll be really surprised it they manage to find something wrong with a program the city initiated. CID's have no reporting requirements; what could go wrong.