Thursday, May 07, 2020

Kansas City Chiefs RB Damien Williams Robbed In Luxury Los Angeles Temp Home

Thanks to our sports fan readers for sending this update as it's clear EVERYONE is going to going after the defending Super Bowl Champs. Checkit:

KC Chiefs' Damien Williams Robbed at Rental Home In L.A., Cops Investigating

KC Chiefs running back Damien Williams -- who scored TWO 4th-quarter TDs in the Super Bowl -- was robbed at a fancy rental home in L.A., TMZ Sports has learned. Williams was not hurt in the incident -- but the suspects made off with roughly $1,000 in cash and now cops are on the hunt.


Anonymous said...

So what! What does anyone expect out there? Kansas City is just as bad. Why are we even hearing about this? Oh I forgot he makes millions working for the not family friendly corrupt NFL drunks.

Anonymous said...

^^ Pegged, It's because people that can't get past their 8 th grade pro ball fantasy, worship the FELON league. Probably most want to give them head.

Anonymous said...

At least he didn't have a super bowl ring yet so they couldn't rob him of that

probably some angry faggot ass niner fans

Anonymous said...

Dude hanging out in good LA area. Got robbed. Bad crime but no one hurt. Thank god. LAPD problem now.