Saturday, May 23, 2020

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Delivers Commencement Pep Talk Whilst His Team Negotiates For $200-MILLION Contract

The remarks of this Super Bowl star about to win a far more important contract payday mostly focus on PERSEVERANCE and other pleasantries often delivered to the plebs as they attempt to join a workforce suffering historic unemployment, political turmoil and growing class division.

Read more and good luck:

Here is Patrick Mahomes' full Texas Tech commencement speech

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes spoke for his alma mater, Texas Tech, as part of the university's virtual commencement ceremony on Saturday. Before Mahomes began speaking, Texas Tech president Lawrence Schovanec mentioned that Mahomes exemplifies the university tagline: "From here, it's possible."


Anonymous said...

Sure it's "possible.
If you are a football prodigy and are getting $200 million.

The rest of you are fucked.

Anonymous said...

^^^ True.

Anonymous said...

I think Brittanny is hot!