Wednesday, May 06, 2020


An important treatise offers a glimpse at how football fans outside of the cowtown bubble see the Chiefs.

Troubling imagery, a cantankerous fanbase and an off-season filled with non-stop partying have changed the branding for this team that once viewed themselves as underdogs.

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The Kansas City Chiefs are becoming the NFL's new villain - and it's going to be awesome

Everything is pro wrestling. I've said this for many years and I believe it to be the truth. The blend of soap-opera storytelling, tribalistic fandom and cartoonish violence that can suddenly turn brutally realistic just about fully encompasses the breadth of human existence.


Anonymous said...

Not this year, no football folks. 2nd wave gonna be worst than first.

Anonymous said...

^^You must be enjoying your unemployment checks too much.

Anonymous said...

Football is happening.

Fans know there is no fabled-socialist-commie-Wuhan-Democrat-wanna-have-a 2nd wave.

Power grabbing Pelosi-Schumer-Adam-Shiftty- devotees will be sadly disappointed.

Let Lucas know his 10-10-10 plan is anti KC. Chief and any ultimate goals go get rid of the Chiefs name and chop is pure crap.

Anonymous said...

I like the Chiefs being the Bad Boys of the NFL. Means they are the best team in the league.

Byron Funkhouser said...

9:54, there's always a second wave.

You accuse the Democrats of "power grabbing"?

The Senate has made Der Fuhrer Dictator.

Anonymous said...

Football will happen this fall. If it doesn't this country will go ballistic.

Anonymous said...

The NFL already announced all games will be played this season morons!! Just might be games played without fans in the stadiums.

Anonymous said...

Last year when tailgating was outlawed after the first quarter, KC was preparing its fans for not being able to show up at all, and after a Superbowl Win, we will all be fine watching a 2nd Superbowl win right at home. Everything happens for a reason and we were all pissed when we couldnt just tailgate and no go into the stadium, now you will get what you got last year and you can do it this year from your driveway, be grateful!!