Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Kansas City Chiefs Fans Predict 2020 Season Of Historic Victory Repeated

Not so surprisingly, local fans don't predict the Super Bowl champs will lose more than a few games. Or none at all.

Here's the local football celebration continued to lift spirits amid coronavirus lockdown . . . Take a look:

Kansas City fans predict Chiefs' record for 2020 season

On Friday morning, our Ron Kopp, Jr. went through the Kansas City Chiefs' schedule for the 2020 season, making an early prediction for how it will play out. Ron concluded the Chiefs would open the season 5-0 and finish the year 13-3 - which he described as the floor for the team's record.


Anonymous said...

There wont be a football season.

Anonymous said...

2nd wave incoming, football out.

Anonymous said...

Fauci says some sports may have to wait until 2021

"NFL season could be 'feasible' by fall, but COVID-19 makes it 'impossible' right now."

Sorry Sheeple, life as you knew it is over.

Anonymous said...

No season till 2021, but the Chiefs move to Orlando in November of this year.

Anonymous said...

^^^and you continue to take cock up the ass for a living.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ And you continue to dream about other people taking cock up their ass like you do.