Thursday, May 28, 2020

Kansas City Booze Game Stays Winning Amid Coronavirus Crackdowns

The "new normal" might not a bad things in terms of less regulation.

Money line:

"The permitting process should not be used to show favor to certain businesses or parts of the city—but favoritism that has marked more than a decade of city spending and regulation. If sidewalk cafes are good for downtown, they are good for midtown and the northland. Treat everyone equally. And if these policies are good temporarily, they are likely good permanently."

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Three Cheers for the Kansas City Council

The Kansas City Missouri City Council adopted three new ordinances to help restaurants during the pandemic. The ordinances make it easier for restaurants to serve patrons on sidewalks and parking lots, and also renew permission for restaurants to serve mixed drinks for take-out and delivery.


Anonymous said...

Rearrange the deck chairs one last time.

Anonymous said...

This should help now that we are approaching great depression levels of unemployment.